Just some thoughts

01 – Be generous. Especially with your time and attention.

02 – Be genuine when you say “I love you” and “I’m sorry”

03 – Don’t judge people harshly, you don’t know everything they are going through or have gone through

04 –  If you want to achieve your dream, you have to be prepared to take the risk

05 – No matter how you feel, you are always responsible for how you react and what you say.

06 – Don’t denigrate someone’s feelings or dreams

07 – Don’t monopolise the conversation, show interest in others and offer support and encouragement.

08 – Remember failure is just a lesson, get up, dust yourself off and try again.

09 – Friendship and relationships don’t always last, people change, leave and move on. Remember fondly the good times and accept that sometimes this has to be.

10 – Control well your temper, your tongue and your money.

11 – Believe that you are worthy of joy.  You are.

12 – Respect should be given freely the first time, but after that, your attitude and actions define if you have earned it.

13 – Don’t give up on love, friendship or a dream just because someone or something hurt you.

14 – Think before you speak, before you text, before you email, before you post. In the digital age we assume a great deal about people and what we think they are saying. Be clear and if someone misinterprets, attempt to clarify.  If you assume something negative or offensive, and the person clarifies their meaning was neither and explains themselves, do not continue on over the assumed offense that has now been cleared.

15 – Appreciate what you have rather than be resentful for what you want.

16 – Don’t feed the Negativity, it is a callous beast that will forever take.

The person who smiles brightest, can often be hurting the most.

The person who gives the most, often has the least themselves.

You don’t know everyone’s story, reach out, ask, connect, support, be there for each other.