Shockingly, I actually have a presence online.  Who would have thought, right?

But yes, you can find me on social media. Feel free to contact me by any of the below means.  I do try and reply to all, though some medias are better to use than others.

Instagram:  (great if you love pictures of cats…and wildlife…and random things like pottery dinosaurs sitting in a Zen garden)

Author Facebook Page:  (not bad, I do try and update this on a semi-regular basis and it’s a decent place to find me)

Goodreads: (not on it as much as the others, but I do pop over when I can)

Twitter: (not great to catch me on, I get a lot of crap spam on Twitter and of all the social media it just isn’t something I like so I do tend to visit it fairly sporadically)

Website/Blog: Right here! (I visit the blog daily so will always reply.  Comments are moderated so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately.)

The Below Form: Got a question?  Want to share a thought?  Say hi?  You can also use the below form that will drop me an email 🙂