Blogging schedule

If you’ve just joined us, welcome!  I hope you find this blog packed full of useful and supporting content.

I try and stay consistent with this blog, so please find below my blogging schedule to make it easier for you to know what’s coming up when.

☆ Monday – These will mostly be marketing posts and some product reviews

☆ Wednesday – Guest posters (and eventually book reviews) are featured here

☆ Thursday – My Blogger Series, which covers topics on starting and running a blog

☆ Friday – All other posts go here, so that includes my writing tutorials, tips and more personal posts as well as my own flash fictions.

☆ First Post of the Month – These will always be my Monthly Goals post, and they can sometimes appear on Monday or Friday (but not Wednesday or Thursday)

☆ Last Friday of the Month – These are going to become Question of the Month posts so that we can interact more 🙂  I hope you join me for these.