A Visit In Pictures

Thought I’d do something a little different for today’s post and share some photos.  I always get inspired when I visit Linda’s blog: Walkin’ Writin’ Wit & Whimsy, Linda always takes the most wonderful nature shots.

Well, since I did a lot of visiting of places when my family was here.  I thought I’d share a few photos.

A Visit In Pictures. Image of Giants Causeway stones. AriMeghlen.co.uk

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Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway 2

Giants Causeway 4

Giants Causeway 5

Giants Causeway 3

Giants Causeway has been on my Bucket List for a while and we finally drove the 2 and a bit hours up to visit it.  It was a lovely sunny day, and despite the time of year it was still full of people.  We got to climb over the wonderful hexagonal stones.  And look at the colour of the sea!  So blue.

Castle Ward

Castle Ward 1

Castle Ward 4

Castle Ward 2

Castle Ward 3

We took a look around the manor house at Castle Ward.  Impressive house, photo is marred by the temporary fencing they put up due to fixing some of the stonework.

It was interesting enough, though the lighting wasn’t great so many of my photos didn’t turn out great.  The tour guides were knowledgable and everyone was impressed by the ceiling in one of the rooms, as you can see in the photo it was very unusual.

Sadly the gardens were pretty but a little underwhelming due to all the tulips having just finished blooming it would appear.

Butterfly House

Butterfly House 1

Butterfly House 2

Butterfly House 3

Butterfly House 4

Butterfly House 5

Butterfly House 6

Butterfly House 7

I love visiting Butterfly Houses, and getting to walk around these wonderful creatures with their dazzling wings.


Peacock 1

Peacock 2

Peacock 4

Peacock 3

We heard a lot of the peacocks before we even saw them, their distinctive call was heard throughout the area (managed to record a video of the call… just not the peacock that made it!)  They are very inquisitive and while not so interested as to come over to you, they had no issue walking around us and just passing on through to find some shade.

This is the first time I didn’t see any fan their train feathers.  Interesting fact: when a peacock fans that beautiful set of feathers and shakes them, it’s called “Train Rattling” 🙂

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I hope you enjoyed these photos.  I don’t take as many as I used to when I go out, because I like to be in the moment a lot more than just forever behind the camera.

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Happy writing & stay safe

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Source: Images courtesy of me!

4 thoughts on “A Visit In Pictures

  1. Ari – of all the times for me to be late here in Reader (and I’m not caught up but at the tender hour of 12:00 midnight I was scrolling to see just how far behind I was … very far).

    First, thank you for the shout-out of my blog and I hope it doesn’t disappoint any of your followers. My turtles with their sibling rivalry for Father’s Day may leave them saying “this is nature photography?”

    I’m glad you finally made it to the Giants Causeway – how amazing those big rocks and the the placement of them. And that beautiful blue water. Walking around a castle and its gardens always takes your breath away. I would love to go to a butterfly exhibit. They have one here at Dow Gardens in early Spring – that is a bucket list item for me. Their exhibit is similar where you walk through and butterflies are flying about everywhere in a heat-controlled environment. You got some wonderful shots of these beautiful creatures. I have never seen a peacock – I know they have them at the zoo, but I enjoyed seeing your peacock photos and video and I learned something about when they fan those beautiful feathers. I never knew it was called “Train Rattling” – I wonder why?

    You should post more of your photos you take – I enjoyed seeing them Ari and thank you again for mentioning my blog as well.

  2. Beautiful. In a strange coincicende, I had a dream about hexagonal basalt spires a couple of days ago… Butterfly houses are something we don’t have here, I guess it must be an interesting experience.

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