7 Things I “Spring Clean” Annually

As the weather get’s warmer, I like to continue my “spring cleaning” by moving from actual cleaning to more keeping on top of specific things.  This is a good annual OOT (I know technically because I do it once a year, it’s not an OOT, but it’s close enough!)

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1) Pet Details

Once a year, I like to do a check of my cat’s details.  This includes making sure their microchip company has the correct address listed.  Make sure the vet had my correct phone number (we went through like five months when we first moved here, where they kept not saving my number and kept my partner’s old number).

I keep updated photos of the cat in a specific folder.  This is super important, when our black cat Marvel went missing years ago, we needed good quality pictures that showed things like the white mark under her chin and the white whisker she was sporting.

It’s also good to keep a record somewhere of what medications your pets take regularly, especially if something bad where to happen like you ended up in hospital and family or friends had to step in to care for your animals – so a care sheet detailing food requirement and medicine can be super helpful.

2) Check All Renewals/Annual Appointments

Normally, at the start of every year, I get a new diary and spend the first few days adding specific details:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Renewals
  • Yearly appointments (MOT, car tax, etc)

But sometimes things slip through, so I like to just run through all my renewals and check everything is okay.  I also like to check and see if it’s something I want to cancel/not renew.

In regard to renewals, this includes not just insurance etc but things like my anti-virus, my blog hosting, my data storage, my subscriptions to software programs.  It’s a pain when these things creep up suddenly and bam, a chunk of money has been taken and you weren’t prepared.

3) Password Book

Whether you use a password manager program or a physical book, it can be good to double check the details.  Especially for accounts you don’t use often.

We’ve all done it, tried to log in on say, our phones and not remembered the password, so just rushed, and created a new password that is not in your password manager on your laptop or updated in your book.

4) Check My Credit Score

Being aware of your financial health is important, so checking your credit score once a year is a good idea.  It can give you ideas of where you are struggling or things you need to sort before, say, buying a house or requesting a loan.

It’s also good at flagging up anomalies that may show you’ve had your identity stolen or someone has used a cloned credit card etc.

5) Perform A Digital Cleanse

It is so easy to just click and save things on our computers, or phones.  But that fills them up, slows them down and how much of that is useful?

A cleanse periodically is best, but honestly, I don’t always have enough time for that, so carving out a full day during the “spring cleaning” time to purge through the million photos (usually several of the same) can help.

Unless of course you’re one of those weird people who check and delete photos, music, docs every day/week.  If so, then I envy/hate you 😀

6) Purge Medicines

Medicines and makeup should be purged when past their expiry date.  Since I don’t wear make, that just leaves me with medicines.  I’ve been given painkillers before that were strong and should only be taken on my worst attacks – thankfully, I had very few and finally don’t need them.

So, these have just been lurking around in my medicine box.  Same with old cough medicine that always seems to come in a giant bottle even though you only ever need (and can take) half of it over the period of being ill.

Make sure to dispose of medicines correctly, do NOT throw away or flush down the toilet.  Take all unused/expired medicines to the pharmacy to be disposed of correctly.

7) Check On My Pension

I have been lax with this for several years, ever since moving to N. Ireland, but it’s back on the docket now.  I like to check I am all paid up on the National Insurance front and that my private pension is working correctly (and again, they have my correct/updated contact details).


Having an arbitrary time, such as Spring, to do these in means I usually get them done pretty well.  I used to do them at the start of the year, but things are busy enough then, so I moved them to Springtime.  PS: Yes, I know we are now in Summer, but honestly, I forgot I’d written this post and left it in drafts! lol

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Happy writing & stay safe

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4 thoughts on “7 Things I “Spring Clean” Annually

  1. These are things we often brush aside, but it’s good to square them away every now and again. I totally relate to the cough medication. It almost begs to be abused the way they make it.

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