Want To Join My Collab Project?

If you saw my A Writerly Update post or received my latest newsletter, you will have noticed I talked about a Collab Project with other writers.  Check out the details below to see if this collaboration project is something you’d like to join!

Want to join my Collab Project? | AriMeghlen.co.uk

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The Advent Calendar Story Train

I am currently looking for writers for the Advent Calendar Story Train Project.  Each writer in the train will write a single, self-contained, flash fiction story.

Each writer will be given a specific date in December when their story needs to be published on their blog*.
At the bottom of story, the writer will need to include a link (these will be supplied) to the day before’s story and to the next blog in the train where the following story will appear.
So, from the 1st to 24th December, there’ll be a new story to read each day.
I will also be creating a page on my blog where all the links to all 24 short stories will be listed.


If you are interested in joining this train, and trying your hand at some flash fiction, here are some details below:

About the Stories

– Stories do not have to connect to each other

– There will be a theme supplied(before the end of May) to all those who are chosen

– Stories must be in English

– Stories must not exceed 1,000 words

– Stories must not include extremely graphic scenes

– Any genre welcome (except erotica / graphic horror etc – see above point)

About the Participants

– You do not have to have written flash fiction before, first timers welcome!

– You must have a blog* for your story to be uploaded too

– You must be able to commit to completing your flash fiction by December – preferably by November (I’m starting this super early to give everyone lots of time)

* If you have a ko-fi page, or a Medium account that you can list the story in – this is also accepted.  As long as the story can be uploaded (preferably scheduled) on the specific date you are given and if links can be added to link to previous and following stories.


If this is something you think you might be interested in, please leave a comment below with your name and the link to your blog* where the story will be uploaded.  If you are chosen, you will be informed by email.


  1. Ari Meghlen
  2. Rachel Poli
  3. Cassie Sanchez
  4. Rebecca Alasdair
  5. Marié Asano
  6. Ivia Cruz
  7. Dal Cecil Runo
  8. Misa Buckley
  9. Simon Farnell
  10. Christina
  11. S R Severn
  12. Chris Harvey
  13. Darlene Foster
  14. Goldie Kirk
  15. Airicka
  16. Clarissa Phoinix
  17. Anne Clare
  18. Suzanne Rogerson
  19. Jaya Avendel
  20. (awaiting confirmation from someone)
  21. Ian (Lotan)
  22. empty slot
  23. empty slot
  24. empty slot
~ ~ ~
Sorry for the lack of Friday blog and that this is a Monday post (I hate getting things posted on the wrong days), but I’ve got all muddled up due to work being done on the house for the last week (and this week too) and I’ve not been able to work much at this time!    

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Happy writing & stay safe

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24 thoughts on “Want To Join My Collab Project?

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  2. Hi Ari-
    What a great idea! I’d love to join this project if my genre’s ok! I’m deep in the packing/moving craziness (one more month until we hit the road, and during that time we’re re-roofing, removing a chimney, and all sorts of ‘fun’) but a November project sounds terrific.
    Here’s my blog link: https://thenaptimeauthor.wordpress.com/

    1. Hi Anne, I would love to have you in the project, I’ve added you to the list.

      I’ll be in touch soon with the theme. 🙂

      Good luck with “in the moving trenches” I do not envy you all that. 🙂

  3. Hi I’m interested 🙂 but I will be moving my old blog from WordPress to Webflow but I’ll contact you as soon as I have a link to my new blog.

    1. Perfect, if you want to use my contact page on my blog to send me your email address I can keep you informed about the project (your date / the theme etc) via email and when you get your new blog, you can email me the link 🙂

    1. Thanks for reaching out, I’ve put your name down, however when I click your website nothing comes up. Can you double check the link?

  4. I was intrigued by the title already but every new line of the post made me more and more excited. What a great idea! I think you gave great guidelines but not too many constraints. And, I love the amount of time you gave the potential participants. I think even I should be able to do one.

    You seem to have a lot of interest already, but if there’s a spot, count me in.
    Goldie – https://dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com/

  5. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow!

    This sounds so cool and I hope it goes well! 🙂 I’d love to do it, but I don’t know if a story will come to me. My brain’s not been in creative mode much recently with all that’s been happening, plus I’m terrible at writing short stories, when I get a story idea it balloons into epic novel length, lol😅🤦‍♀️

    1. lol I know the feeling, when I was first asked about writing short stories it was like hahahaha.. no! How can I condense a story?

      But it was pretty fun and I’ve definitely gotten better.

      If it works out well, I may run this again next year so maybe you’ll feel ready then 😀

    1. Never mind, Mark. If it goes well, I may run this project again next year so if you have a blog then, you could already join us.

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