A Writerly Update

After reading a blog post by Fantasy Author Suzanne Rogerson, where she did a Quarterly Writing Update, I loved the idea and thought I’d do one myself.  As a way of keeping people updated and to hold me a little more accountable.

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The Blessed Trilogy

The Blessed (Fantasy Series) image of a black throne

I have actually been hard at work on book 1 (mostly).  I managed to fix some of the sagging middle and have changed a few scenes around to make them more intense.  As I’ve been writing, new ideas for book 2 and 3 have been creeping up so I’ve been braindumping those ideas into their relevant Scrivener files.

What I need to work on:

  • Finish manuscript for book 1 and get it to alpha reader
  • Make edits from alpha reader and send to beta reader
  • Find 2 more beta readers
  • Work on the outlines for book 2 and 3
  • Finish up the World Book for this series (to make writing book 2 & 3 easier)
  • Come up with a few possible titles for book 1

The Trinity Hart Series

Dark Hart: Book 1 of the Trinity Hart Series

This manuscript was originally finished and has had a few passes but there’s a section I just didn’t like, it felt weak.  My partner (alpha reader) said the same and then gave me some ideas to change it and make it a big stronger.  There are some parts that I need to explain better (too long has this novel been in my head, I forget readers won’t know all that I do).

What I need to work on:

  • Pull out the weak section, strip out the parts that work and then re-write the rest
  • Get another pass by my alpha reader
  • Get 3 beta readers
  • Tidy up with the World Book for this series
  • Plan out book 2

A Coming Storm

A Coming Storm over the Image of lightning

The idea for this book has been screaming around my head pretty consistently and I have a large chunk of it outlined and a stronger plot than I had before.  However, some of my notes are pretty scattered and I don’t have my ending (which is really unusual for me!).

What I need to work on:

  • Figure out the ending!
  • Complete the outline
  • Start the World Book
  • Prep my Scrivener file ready for writing

Other Writing

Blog Image - Fountain pen resting on an open notepad. Writing.

I have a collaborative project I am working on for the end of the year, I have already approached a few writers but I need to get this organised.

What I need to work on:

  • Reach out to more writers
  • Sort a theme
  • Start prepping my own idea

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Happy writing & stay safe

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13 thoughts on “A Writerly Update

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  2. How do you juggle it all and stay sane Ari? You have an ambitious agenda, one that is admirable and you leave me in the dust. Here I am taking advantage of still another sloppy weather morning to catch up in Reader where I am four or five days behind.

    1. Thanks, Sam. lol ahh yes, I love my World Books (World Bible…whatever you call it). I have even started to use Scrivener to create my World Books so I have all the different details about the series in a specific Scrivener file – I just need to work on creating better templates I can then use in other World Books 🙂

  3. I like the idea of a writerly update too! I think I’ve done one or two on my blog, but I never had a title for it. I also never thought about the accountability aspect of it, which comes in handy when you don’t have a writing partner.

    I will say it’s a little terrifying having anyone who reads my blog hold my feet to the fire, as it were! Good luck with the writing.

    1. I am really pleased I did the Writerly Update, all this was in notepads, in my head… having it all neatly listed made me realise how much I have to do – which is actually good, because it’s easier to plan when you know!

    1. lol I didn’t think it would be, but as I was writing it, things just kept popping up. It’s so much better having it all laid out like that (overwhelming, but good).

      Thanks for inspiring me to do this, with your own quarterly update!

      Aww, thanks Suzanne. I appreciate that 🙂

    1. Thanks, Darlene. It’s a little overwhelming having it all written out, but I definitely needed to do this so I could get a handle on just what I have to do.

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