Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2021

Last time I did this, was back in 2019 I believe.  So I wanted to do it again, although I had hoped to get it done in January (but obviously that never happened).

While 2021 didn’t hit the highs of 2019 for stats, it didn’t do too badly either.  So I decided to have a look at which blog posts people really loved.

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How To Build Your World: Languages

This was one of my World-Builder Series.

This specific article was suggested by someone over on so I put together an article discussing how to introduce a different/created language into your story.


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A Writer’s Guide… To Sword Fighting

This was a post written by a guest writer Morgan Morrow, as part of my A Writer’s Guide series.

It was a series where those with knowledge and experience of a certain occupation or skill would write about it.  This became a reference library for authors.

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How To Write Realistic Sex Scenes (pt. 2)

An older post but still very popular it appears.  Even on Pinterest it flags up as one that gets saved and repinned a lot.

As the title says, this is an article that covers some thoughts on writing realistic sex scenes and covers several points including a part with trigger warnings.

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A Writer’s Guide… To Boats & Ships

This was another post written as part of my A Writer’s Guide series.  This was a very detailed article written by guest writer Cinaedh Vik and has been my most popular article in “A Writer’s Guide…”

Cinaedh went into some great detail and I’m not surprised this became a firm favourite.

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Mini image for How to Write a Massive Cast of Characters.  Image of a crowd of peopleHow to Write a Massive Cast of Characters

As someone who writes with multiple main characters in most of my stories, I wanted to share my advice on how to manage larger casts of characters.

This is especially useful if you have omni points of view throughout several main characters.  This article actually made it into the top 5 for 2019 too!  Must still be a very popular piece.


It’s nice to look back every now and then and see just how things have changed.  If you have a blog and haven’t yet done this, I highly recommend doing a post on your top 5 blog posts from the previous year.  Feel free to tag me in so I can come check out your top 5!

I hope you found this useful!  If you did, give it a share in case someone else could benefit!

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Happy writing

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