Ep 096 | The Merry Writer Podcast

On today’s episode of The Merry Writer Podcast, Rachel and I pick some writing advice quotes from some famous authors to share with you as we ask:

“What Are Some Writing Advice From Big Authors?”

Episode 096


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2 thoughts on “Ep 096 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. My favorite piece of advice from an author I read is “It’s not who makes a big splash in six months, it’s who is still writing after six years.” That was written by Elizabeth Hunter, a indie published author who has an amazing number of published books under her belt. She goes on to say that writing, especially indie writing, is about growing an audience over time and there’s no need to be an overnight success (which as far as I’m concerned is a myth anyway because who writes a book first draft and immediately publishes–it’s years sometimes people!) And that’s what makes me feel good about my progress in this profession.

    1. Ooh I like that quote! I think so many new writers think you have to build a massive following at the start, rather than build it slowly – the same with a catelogue of books behind you.

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