Discovering Books With Randomly.Shop

So I was asked to check out a web app used for discovering different products on Amazon, with special attention to the Find-a-book part of the app.

Now, since the pandemic where book shops and libraries closed for extended periods of time, I got all my books from Amazon.  And since covid-19 is flaring up again in Northern Ireland, I’m back to shopping mostly online again.

Discovering book with

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What Is Randomly.Shop?

Randomly.Shop is a web app that aggregates “the best of Amazon randomly”.  There are several categories such as Womens, Mens, Music, Toys & games, instruments, home etc.

There is also a specific book section whcih apparently pulls together some of the most exciting and page-turning books so they are easier to discover.  I have to admit to sometimes falling down rabbit holes on Amazon’s book section so was interested to try out this page.

This website does use affiliate links, which is understandable, and it’s very clearly noted so everyone who visit the site is aware.  Affiliate links, for those who don’t know, are links that if someone clicks on them and purchases via that link, a small commission fee is given to the site.  This does not affect the buyers at all.

How Do You Use Randomly.Shop?

Simply go to Randomly.Shop/books/ and you are greeted with this initial page that lists different book categories.  Simply tick the ones you prefer.  I kept it simple on my first try and stuck with comics, mystery & thriller and sci-fi & fantasy. main dashboard

Then you just click the blue start button.  Your discovery list brings up each book individually, with the title, sometimes shows the category and includes the current price on USD.  There is also a large button “See Details”.  Jane Foster: The Saga of ValkyrieBy clicking this button, you are taken to the book’s page on and can check out the blurb, details and reviews. - Jane Foster: The Saga of Valkyrie

What I Liked About This App

One of the main features I loved about this app was its clean, crisp page display.  Lots of white space, each book brought up individually with an arrow to bounce to the next.

I have a real issue with focus and lots of things on a page (such as how Amazon looks) can be completely overwhelming for me.  So to have the chance to just leisurely flip through genres I like and find treasures I’d never heard of was really useful!

I like finding books that I may never have discovered.  Often when I’m directly on Amazon, the same several books are recommended to me over and over.

It also brought up a nice mix of both Indie authored books and traditionally published books, and linked to different versions such paperbacks, kindle books as well as hardbacks like this:

The site in general has simple navigation, everything is just clearly linked.  There aren’t dozens and dozens of links you have to trawl through if you want to find something.  There are just 11 links on the main page.

Things I Noticed

Firstly, it is connected to only, so any books that caught my eye I needed to make a note of so I could find them on  For anyone who buys directly from, this app certainly does make finding and buying newly-discovered books you want easier.  For anyone who uses a different extension of Amazon, you may have to do what I did.

Secondly, the randomly generated selection seemed to lean heavily on the Mystery & Thriller as well as Science-Fiction.  In fact, I had to click through a number before a typical Fantasy story came up.

However, I did notice if I went back to change my categories (for which there’s a button beneath the books that lets you do this at any time) and just selected sci-fi & fantasy and no other category, I saw a lot more mix between these two genres.

So I think in future, I’ll be doing that.


Overall, I did enjoy using this web app and actually found several books that caught my eye and have now purchased.  I definitely recommend giving it a try, especially if you like just browsing for books rather than searching for specific ones.  You may just find some treasures.

I hope you found this article useful!  If you did, give it a share in case someone else could benefit!

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    1. lol oh yes, you go on Amazon for X and suddenly it’s been 3 hours and your cart is full of numerous books. 😀 This link has definitely helped reduce rabbit hole adventures.

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