November Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

It’s check in time!  If you’re new to this blog, the First Friday of every month is my Monthly Goals blog post, where I go through last months goals and mark up whether I completed them or not and then list the new goals. 

October was the month I implemented, with gusto, my New System, and so far it’s been a screaming success as you will see by my goals!  (who would have thought?!)

Before we dive into some goals, I just wanted to make an announcement:

From Myths To Monsters: Supernatural Beings Anthology vol 2, which features my short story Sanctuary, has now been made available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have KU you can go grab this book for free! 

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Monthly Goals: November 2021

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Complete December’s TMW Game – DONE

02 – Finish painting the kitchen – NOT DONE (okay so this was another fail BUT my partner decided he wanted us to do several of the bigger house jobs on the week he was off…that got moved into November!  So if I fail this in November you all have permission to give me the withering stink eye!) 

03 – Start my Holiday’s Business Plan – DONE (it’s sooo nice to actually have a plan rather than dashing around “reacting” to everything instead)

04 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE

05 – Read one book – DONE (read three!)

06 – Organise Greeting Cards (OOT) – DONE (finally these are all sorted and stored for easy access)

07 – Catch up on my Purchase Invoices – DONE

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Decide on January’s Podcast Questions

Rachel and I like to stay well ahead with the podcast and all the podcast episodes for this year had been planned and almost all have been recorded.  So we want to get a head start by picking our episode questions for the month of January. 

02 – Finish painting the kitchen

Okay this is the LAST time I’m adding this to my goals so if it doesn’t get completed my kitchen is just going to have to look hideously half painted until we eventually get the whole kitchen redone.

03 – Start doing Business Taxes

Ergh, I have been putting this off for AGES.  Seriously, I hate doing my taxes but I really could do with getting them done well before the January 31st deadline. 

04 – Send out newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Read two book

I have two books already picked out, I just need to slot in some reading time.  I swear my reading time comes in waves, some months I’ll have loads, the other times, none at all.

06 – Put up all pictures in my Craft Room (OOT)

This is another one of those OOT’s that I’ve been neglecting and will probably take me about 30 mins and since I nearly damaged one of the canvas’s that is leaning up against my bookcase, I think it’s time I got it done before I DO damage something and then have to sulk about it.

07 – Write a scene a day

I will explain this in more detail in next Wednesday’s Ko-fi article, but this is going to be part of my “consistency” in writing against.

08 – Write all Xmas cards

I’m one of those annoying people who likes to get ahead with this like card writing.  I’m not actually big on sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries etc.  (Why do I have a lot of greetings cards then you may ask… my mother makes them and gives me “packs” of them to send to people).  But Xmas cards I do send, it’s the one time I like to let people know I’m thinking of them – and it’s nicer than a text.  They become part of the festive decor. 

09 – Sort Podcast Timestamps

The last few episodes I have been dealing with, I couldn’t sort the time stamps because Youtube was being weird.  So I need to go back into them and see if I can add them. 

What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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4 thoughts on “November Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

    1. Apologies for the delay, apparently I was even further behind on replying to comments than I realised!

      I have to admit, monthly goals have been really helpful since I implemented them. Especially if you tie them into Yearly Goals 🙂

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Well, at least you completed most of the stuff on your list, and the thing that didn’t get done (the kitchen) is understandable given the need to work on bigger jobs with your partner. Good luck with your November goals. I’m glad your new system is working so well for you, and hope that continues to be the case. Looking forward to seeing what’s to come in future podcast episodes.

    I can only say, “partially done,” to all three of my goals for October: I sorted some of the paperwork and books, but didn’t get much of it done. I caught up a little on some reading, but not nearly as much as I needed and wanted to. And I did start working on some of those craft projects, but didn’t get as far along with them as I’d hoped to (I’m like you and like to get ahead on sending out Christmas cards, so had hoped to get them made last month to only need to worry about writing them this month, except I didn’t manage to make the cards). I published a new book though… Does that count? So, two of the goals are going back on for November, but the one about organizing the books and DVDs… I’m just going to leave that until the new year now. Though if I get the urge to start sorting books and DVDs out I won’t stop myself. LOL!

    Anyway, my goals for November are to finish the Christmas crafting (in particular getting those cards made and written) and catch up enough on my reading that I have a hope of reaching my reading goal before the year is out. I also have to sort out an issue where the narrator for the second of the books I published earlier this year has vanished without doing any of the work, and isn’t answering my messages, and would like to get the audio production started for the book I published last month.

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