June Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

May had me mostly focusing on the house projects.  With my room out of commission, 90% of my possessions packed up and stored in a family member’s basement, I spent most of the time planning, prepping and coordinating with tradesmen.

Dealing with so many people left me mentally and emotionally exhausted, seriously, I can’t really cope with that much social interaction.  So it felt like everything took so much longer than it should have.  But we are so close to getting it all done.   Oops, spoke too soon.

On the 1st of June, our joiner and his team were meant to show up and do work in all four upstairs rooms and allow me to reopen my shop… Instead, they just never showed up (we booked them 3 weeks ago). Can’t get them to answer the phone, reply to messages… they have just fallen off the face of the earth.  Seriously, I just want to cry.

So… things are now even more put back as WE are going to *laughs* have a go at doing it ourselves because I am beyond tired of all these useless tradesmen who don’t know how to run a business.

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Find a decorator – DONE (took waaay longer than we had hoped because once again, getting tradesmen to actually turn up or even answer the phone is a Herculean task!)

02 – Do some Beta Reading – DONE (I completed the chapters I had originally been given)

03 – Check measurements of Furniture – DONE

04 – Send out Newsletter(s) – NOT DONE (I actually failed this, due to a delay with the house rennovations I had limited access to my computer/internet and didn’t manage to get these out. I will definitely have the newsletters out next month.)

05 – Finishing painting my room – DONE (added this goal, I used all this non-computer time to paint my office… it was slow and frustrating because of how my brain works but it’s done!!)

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Complete joinery work in My Craft Room

At the end of May I drafted my June Goals, then on the 1st June the joinery company ruined those goals by being crap.  So, since my partner and I are now doing all the joinery work I’ve had to change my June goals.  This goal was originally to get my room up and running but I just want to get the joinery done and not think too far ahead.

02 – Do some Beta Reading

I am still beta reading for a fellow author, so again I’m adding it here.

03 – Start a new Writing schedule

Over the last several months, I have struggled with any kind of consistent writing schedule.  With a lot of this stuff (hopefully) getting completed, I want to try and set and stick to a writing schedule whereby I may actually finish one of these damn novels!

04 – Send out newsletters(s)

Yup this one is just staying on indefinitely.

05 – Read one book

Even reading fell to the wayside but I want to do more reading and less sitting watching Netflix which has sadly became too much of a norm.

06 – Sort my travel

With the lockdowns easing, I am hoping to visit my family back in England over the anniversary of my sister’s death at the end of July. 

07 – Get my vaccine

They have offered the jab to people my age so I need to get it booked in.



What is one thing you want to accomplish this month?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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6 thoughts on “June Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

  1. I hope you’re getting some of your building work done by now, Ari. A friend of mine has had so much hassle and battling with her builder, leaving an extension job incomplete, mice getting into one of the rooms, and them not answering emails, phone calls. Awful! And she is stressed out. She’s had to pay the architect another fat fee to get involved. She is an artist, gardener, and lives alone, it’s all on her. Me and hubby would be thinking, can we do it ourselves? in your position too! (PS love listening to the podcasts)

  2. Hey, Girlfriend last month: Four outta’ five is NOT BAD–better than me, Hon.
    This months goals are BIG. Get four outta’ five again, and that will be quite the accomplishment!
    Keep us posted, dear.

  3. Oh, Ari!! Words fail me! Good luck with the joinery work and achieving your June goals. I have had no luck in getting someone to repair a ceiling in my mother’s home. All the builders are either fully booked up for months and months or they don’t answer the phone or return calls. This is not a job I can do myself so we will have to wait until we eventually get a professional to come along. I hope you get to visit your family in England next month.
    Take care! ❤ ❤

  4. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry the unreliable nature of people is making things take longer than they should. Good luck with this month’s goals.

    I’m trying to get my own craft room organized too. The delay in my finishing is caused by me first being unable to do so because of injuries and health issues, and then my Dad showing up with more of the craft stuff he’s giving me that was my Nan’s, so the pile of stuff to organize ended up growing. I really want to get that finished this month, especially since Dad now emptying Nan’s bedroom means I know I now have all the stuff, so it’s just a matter of getting it organized. That’s my big goal for June.

  5. Tradesmen in general are extremely difficult to get ahold of. From pruners to painters, once you find a good, reliable person, develop a relationship strong enough to get you onto the ‘friends’ list!

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