Reluctant Guardian (Book Review)

I was given a free copy of this book by the author with the option to write an honest review. 

Reluctant Guardian is Book One of the Otherworld Guardians Series.


Book cover of Reluctant Guardian by Elisha BuggHe’s a Guardian, sworn to protect the creatures of lore.
She’s a human who can’t remember her past.

That’s how Thane Marrok, wolf shifter, and soldier in the elite organisation known as The Guardians, sees himself – forced to live a lonely and tortured existence after witnessing the death of his family at the hands of humans. When he’s forced to return to the place where all his nightmares began, he comes face to face with an unfamiliar human female who triggers the wolf’s deepest, darkest desires.

Can Thane put his past behind him and be the protector, and lover, that Anya needs? Or will he succumb to his hatred of her kind, and lose the woman meant to be his for eternity?

Anya Shaw leads a quiet, uneventful existence until the appearance of a black wolf turns her life upside down. Now she’s involved in a world she never knew existed, hunted for reasons she doesn’t understand, and guarded by a man she never expected.

Can she unlock the secrets of her past, and her heart, in time to tame the wolf and save Thane from himself? Or will the hunters get there first, destroying any hope they have left?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The concept of this story was intriguing as I am a big fan of Paranormal Fantasy and I do love me some werewolves.  The book starts off pretty slow, with a lot of exposition and not a strong hook at the end of Chapter one.

It was also let down by a lot of editing and formatting issues, right from the first page.  (Please note I was given a copy of the ebook, so I can’t comment on formatting in any other the other formats).  Missing scene breaks also caused some confusion as there were times a scene would change completely by the very next paragraph.

I personally like to be fully immersed in a story and errors like these tend to jolt me out of it, which happened frequently and so took me longer to get into the plot.

I got a good feel the characters, of their personalities with both the dialogue with other characters and the internal dialogue.  I don’t remember what they looked like as I don’t feel there was enough reminders throughout the book about physical appearance.  But their personalities and mannerisms were well-created.

The story follows two main characters, shifting POV between them so we get a glimpse into both Thane and Anya’s heads.  I know many people don’t like shifting POVs but I am a big fan of multiple points of view and so this worked for me.

There were some good scenes that I think could have been even stronger, and more developed such as when Anya first meets Hugh’s father.  This character had excellent villainous essence to him and just gave off creeper vibe.  (I do like a good bad guy).

The dialogue was good, however it was very jarring that “said” was never used.  Every other type of descriptive tag was but not said.  This became so noticable it did, again, pull me from the story. 

There was also a lot of internal questions where the main characters asked themselves questions about things that were happening.  I do like being inside a character’s head, but it felt a little over done.  Things that could have been written more dynamically for example, as dialogue in the form of an argument, instead was turned passively into inner questions.

The pacing picked up nicely by the middle of the book and the characters progressed well with a rise in tension towards the end, including a twist I didn’t expect. 

I liked the introduction of other types of shifters and even vampires and each character was given unique traits and were solidly formed. 

I did enjoy learning of these characters and the world they inhabit and the concept of the human hunters was intriguing as it was not just then running around attacking the preternatural characters, we got to see inside their operations. 

While there were issues with this book that did reduce my enjoyment of it and affected the immersion into the world, the plot was interesting enough to keep me reading to the end. 

My Rating:

Feedback rating system 3 stars

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Length: 370 pages

Availability: Buy it on Amazon

About the Author:

Elisha Bugg Author Photo headshotElisha comes from a small town in the east of England where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Elisha has always enjoyed reading, writing and creating art, but it was only when she attended University that she rekindled her love for books, falling in love with the romance genre, paranormal in particular.

It was then that she decided to try and write her first book, Reluctant Guardian. Since then, she has released other books and plans on releasing many more, expanding the worlds she has already created.

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