7 thoughts on “It’s A Numbers Game And That’s A Problem

  1. Yes, it’s trap we can easily fall into, and I have succumbed at times, only to realise what you say is true! It’s engagement that counts, not numbers. I’ve heard you talking about this on the podcast and it made me realise how stupid it all is!

    1. I think we all fall into that trap, I catch myself side-eyeing the numbers when I visit a platform and then get grumpy with myself for doing it. I am trying to be better with engagement (she says, being REALLY delayed on blog comments) but there is so much to keep active with. I need to block time to actually consider it.

      I can’t just reply to things on the fly like a lot of people do, as I find if I’m checking notifications all the time when they come in, it is a massive distraction

  2. I have over 500 followers on twitter, does that equate to sales? Nope! I find it had to keep engaging with them and I think a lot of followers see what you do and a few of your tweets and think, they look OK, then follow you and that is it for interaction. Got to say I am guilty of that. I also really hate the, ‘I am on 995 followers, can I get to 1000? Follow me and see.,’ sort of posts, they just want gratification rather than real interactions.

    1. I have tried to stay away from looking at numbers on any platform (except Youtube, just because we are using the subscriber number as a mini goal, but it’s done in fun).

      I can’t imagine how anyone can see most things, with some platforms stripping away organic reach and others having so many things on there (Twitter, looking at you) that it’s impossible to keep up with people. If it wasn’t for the hashtag games I doubt I’d cope on Twitter.

      Urgh I HATE those kinds of comments “Help me reach X number of followers” I will unfollow someone who does that!!

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