Shout Out For An Incredible Artist

While we writers might work with words, many of us have a deep love for art – especially artwork that features our characters.  It’s become common practice amongst writers to get their main characters portraits commissioned to add that extra connection for the reader to really see what we see.

So with that in mind, I just HAD to do a shout out for an incredible artist and pimp her work! 

If you read my short story, Locksmith, featured in the Supernatural Anthology volume 1, From Ashes to Magic you will have been introduced to my fiesty main character Cara as she makes her way a world filled with magic while she is the anomly born without such abilities.

A talented locksmith, Cara proves herself by having an exceptional skill at opening any lock, especially those imperious to magic. 

From this short story, my good friend and fellow author S. Nemo created this truly stunning character portrait of Cara even including her specialist glasses that she wears when working on the locks.  I cannot tell you how in much I love this piece, it is super gorgeous and captures Cara perfectly.

The detail and unique style in this artwork is so eye-catching and I am already planning to get more character portraits done.

Locksmith art by Sunny Nemo

S. Nemo has finally decided to start taking commissions, so I had to make you all aware of her exceptional talent.  So if you want to get one (or all!) of your character portraits done, I highly recommend you seek her out.

Currently, if you’re interested in commissioning S. Nemo, you can contact her on her Ko-Fi Page and see some of her other work over on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Shout Out For An Incredible Artist

  1. I have these pictures of many of the characters inside me in my head, but I have not found an artist who can take those pictures and put them down in pencil. I am in love with the style and power of this portrait!
    Thank you for sharing S. Nemo’s talent with the writing world. ❤

    1. Thanks Jaya, I know, her work is gorgeous! It can be hard when we have our characters so deeply ingrained in our minds that trying to get something to pluck them out and create them is a big ask! It can be so hard if they aren’t just what we see!

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