January Goals 2021 | Monthly Goals

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about goals, my first post of the year was about Yearly Goals, as was the first Podcast of the year and here I am again, going on about goals!

Don’t worry, this is the last time… until February that is.  This post is all about my January goals.  January is the perfect time to consider your Yearly Goals (which I did in last week’s post).  From there, I’ve created my first set of monthly goals for the year.

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Last Month’s Goals

Let’s look at how I got on with last month’s goals.

01 – Finish edits on Sanctuary – PARTIALLY DONE – I had to wait for the 2nd CP to make their edit suggetions and I didn’t get them until right at the end of the year so I couldn’t complete this.

02 – Read one book – NOT DONE – eek!  I actually didn’t manage this.

03 – Send out Newsletter(s) – DONE

04 – Create a new Library resource – NOT DONEdidn’t get chance to work on a resource, sorry guys!

05 – Plan my new Craft Room – DONE – planned but now stuck in limbo until we can sort the walls and get rid of the woodworm.

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This Month’s Goals

01 – Write Every Day

If you receive my newsletter you’ll have seen my newest 30 day challenge is Write Every Day.  So I am dropping it here as a monthly goal too!

02 – Edit Sanctuary

Now that I have all the edit suggestions from the CPs, I will go through all them and made any edits I feel are needed.

03 – Read 1 book

I want to start reading more, so I am doing the Goodreads Challenge again.  Since January is busy for my shop I’m sticking to 1 book this month until I get back on track.

04 – Create Ko-Fi video

I’m trying to work on my Ko-Fi platform more, I have a schedule set up and I’ve updated my Bio so the next thing is creating an Intro video.

05 – Create February & March TMW Questions

It has been immensely helpful to be so far ahead with game questions, so I want to keep that going. 

06 – Strip wallpaper from Craft Room

We started this task before Xmas but then things happened that delayed us, including the original owners using superglue or something to paste the wallpaper on some of the walls.  So we are probably going to have to use flamethrowers to get the paper off but damn it, it’s coming off!!

07 – Send out newsletters(s)

I like to add this here to keep me on track and remind me. I have two, one for my author platform and the other for my business.

08 – Create a Library resource

Create a new free printable for my email subscribers.

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Happy writing & stay safe

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