Hello 2021, Let’s Take It Slow

As I push 2020 out the door with its bags packed, I welcome 2021 with a hopeful wariness.  The last few years have been pretty poor but I am just going to keep pushing forward, whatever this year decides to throw at me.

So this post is about the areas I want to focus on this year.  (My monthly goals post has been shunted to next Friday).

Hello 2021, Let's take

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Home Life

One of the big focuses this year is on our house.  At the end of last year, we had to get important foundational work done in regards to upgrading our heating system and having a full re-wire.  It was exhausting and frustrating but it’s done!

So now we want to make progress on getting the rooms back to being usable (after we fix one more issue…as we apparently have bloody woodworm! *eye-twitch*).

My Craft Room and my partner’s Work Room are the priority.  Since we are now both working from home indefinitely, we need to make sure our rooms are as organised as possible.

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A Growing Pod

The Podcast that Rachel and I run has been doing shockingly well!  We hit a few milestones last year, including getting 50 Youtube subscribers and over 1,000 downloads on Podbean.  Wohoo!! So we want to keep that going.  We will be working on ways to boost the podcast, have more guests episodes and keep our Patreon page active.

(Please note we include both support-only content and public content on our Patreon page)

Hopefully, we can get most of the year’s episodes planned well ahead of schedule to allow for when life throws a lemon in our faces.

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Last year, I hoped to start my YouTube channel, never happened.  It is still simmering on the back burner, I may look at trying to sort that, or possibly creating a channel for my business.

I need to check my schedule and see what the workload will be like.  But it’s something I would like to try.  I am also hoping to create more video classes for TabletWise and maybe Skillshare.

So, for now, I’m just aiming for working on “some” form of video work.

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In order to get more writing done and other projects, I am going to keep to posting a little less on the blog.  Podcast episodes will be appearing every Wednesday and I’ll be posting every other Friday (mostly).

Depending on how this year goes, I may ressurrect “A Writers Guide” Series.  If you have an activity or occupation you feel you could write about, please check out my Be Part of the Resource Team for full details.

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The “Write” Time

I am so sick of my writing getting nowhere, so the biggest priority (after the house) is my writing time.  I want to make a big difference in the manuscripts I’m working on and I can’t let anything else get in the damn way.

My shop was getting crazy by the end of last year and I have to work with the premise that it might happen again in 2021.  But if I can plan for it, I shouldn’t lose writing time to being overwhelmed.

Do you have yearly goals for 2021?

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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19 thoughts on “Hello 2021, Let’s Take It Slow

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  2. Well done on the podcast, I’ve got a bit behind with it I have to say with all that’s going on. I hope you get your house sorted and you have a great 2021 – looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

    1. Thanks Simon, we are super impressed the podcast is doing as well as it did! Thanks for listening 🙂

      The house is ALMOST there, just some stupid woodworms to take care of and a check in with a structural engineer to make sure it’s not about to fall down *manic laughter*

      I hope 2021 is good for you too! Let’s hold to the positive that will hopefully come our way.

      1. I’m hoping that the house is good for you and I need to catch up on your podcast, I’ve not listened for a while.
        Keep hoping 😀

      2. 😀 It’s getting there, I think by the end of the year it will be more of a home than it is now 🙂

        lol that’s okay, listen when you can, we never expect people to listen to every episode but to jump in as they catch their fancy 🙂

    1. Thank you Victoria, I have high hopes for this year! I hope 2021 is a great year for you too!

      Do you have any specific goals you hope to achieve this year?

    1. I know that feeling, it gets to the point where you get angry at the lack of progression, even if we are the reason it’s not progressing. I am hoping to become crazy focused on my novel until the damn thing is done.

      What would your hope be for your writing this year, Sam? To complete something? To just have steady progression? I’d love to know

    1. I hope so, Darlene. I have then scribbled on my whiteboard so I see them every time I sit down to work! lol

      Thank you! We are shocked at how well our little podcast is doing, it has been a big boost to us 🙂

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