Ep 011 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Sooo… it’s my “Rest Week” this week and that usually means I sort all the week’s posts, social media etc the week before.

Not sure what happened, but apparently I completely forgot to set up the Podcast Episode post to go live yesterday.  Which is why I am currently writing this on Thursday. 

Anyway, enough of that and let’s talk about this week’s Podcast question which is:

“What are your thoughts on Pen Names?”

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Episode 011




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2 thoughts on “Ep 011 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. Another good podcast. Interestingly I write YA and childrens, then sometimes dabble in more adult stuff (not sex, but more gore with the sci-fi and fantasy). As a teacher, I worry about what pupils and parents wil think if they read lots of blood and battles so write under a different name for that stuff. Actually, I haven’t realeased any of it yet!

    On the point of other authors having the same name as you, I didn’t think of that so used my real name for my YA/kids books. I’ve had very few people contact me, but one person asked me about cars. I was confused, then googled my name and “author” and found out that there is a Chris Harvey who writes books about classic cars! Should have checked first I guess!

    1. Thanks for listening, Chris. We really appreciate it.

      I think having a pen name if you write such different genres is important and especially, as you said, if you write something more adult and you want to keep it away from children or even teenagers who know you and might look for books that are not appropriate for their age range.

      lol I think many writers don’t realise others could share their name, Jacqueline Carey who wrote the Kushiel’s Legacy Series made a note in her FAQs that there are I think 2 other authors with the same name as her.

      So it does happen and if the other authors are big names, it can affect ranking in searches.

      At least it sounds like the other Chris Harvey writes something totally different so you aren’t vying for the same fans. 🙂

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