June Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

I was super productive last month and yet didn’t clear all my goals.  That was because I went a little crazy on one goal in particular in order to get it finished.  I just couldn’t stand it “hanging around” in my goals list any more.

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Last Month’s Goals

01 – Finish my World Book – PARTIALLY DONE – So close!

02 – Finish the second edit of Dark Hart – PARTIALLY DONE – Again, so close!  My partner has been working away at this and damn is there a big change I have to make.

03 – Update 40 blog posts – DONEManaged to overshoot this again…by updating 139!!  Yes, I got so sick of updating, I just said “screw it” and updated them all… which is why I didn’t manage to complete several of my other goals.

04 – Create a new library resource – DONE – If you are on my newsletter list, you will have received access to this month’s new library resource!

05 – Read 2 Books – DONE Only just managed this as I had a lot less time to read during this month.

06 – Go through all Data discs – DONE – So glad this is done. Have gone through, transferred loads of data, wiped the discs and they are ready to be sent for recycling when the company reopens.

07 – Start BSL Course – NOT STARTED – I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t start this, though I did start ANOTHER course I have so that was something. 

08 – Create a fresh new look for my Instagram – STARTED I have made some progress but ended up stopping to complete the blog updates.

09 – Update all my passwords – STARTED – I managed to get through a lot of my passwords and updated them, but again stopped doing this to finish the blog updates.

10 – Start a Pinterest campaign – DONE – I have my campaign up and running and now I just need to monitor it for the next month to see how well it does.

11 – Sort graphics for Podcast – DONE – Managed to get through all the different graphics I needed for The Merry Writer Podcast and now have several templates for ease of use.

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This Month’s Goals

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01 – Finish my World Book

This shouldn’t take too long, my World Book for The Blessed is almost done, I think I have the majority of the world-building points created.  So this should be an easy one to complete.

02 – Fix the issue in Dark Hart

So, rather than look at trying to finish the second draft, I want to address the issue my partner raised when he was three-quarters of the way through my manuscript.  Once this gets fixed, it should make the book run smoother.  (I hope)

03 – Analyse the outline for The Blessed

I’m running around in circles with this manuscript so I need to go back to the drawing board and analyse my outline to get out of the plot hole I’m currently stuck in.

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04 – Create a new Library resource

Having this in my monthly goals seems to be working, so I’ll keep it here.  I have several ideas for new printables that I offer my newsletter subscribers.

Want access?  Simply join my newsletter using the link and you’ll receive a few intro emails including the one with the access code to the library.

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05 – Read 2 Book

I’m keeping this to 2 books as I have some books I need to read that are on my tablet, which always makes me read slower.  I also need to sort myself out and update Goodreads and add in my last few reviews.

06 – Start BSL Course

Seriously, I need to start this course, I’ve already paid for it and it’s just sat there waiting for me.  For those who don’t know, BSL stands for British Sign Language.

07 – Plan a month of Insta content

It may not be for THIS month, but I want to start creating content with my new Instagram look (if it works) and then build up a content calendar.

08 – Finish updating all my passwords

Following on from my Have You Been The Victim Of A Data Breach?  I’ve been taking the time to go through all my passwords and make them super strong.

This is not a quick task because you really don’t realise just how many passwords you create, I have well over 50 different passwords for different applications and I have to take the time to make these passwords “super strong”.

09 – Sort kitchen

I’m taking a week off next week, so I’ll be spending time with my partner who is also taking the week off and we will be turning our attentions to some house maintenance.

The main one being painting our little kitchen and putting up storage so we can actually have worktop space for things like cooking!

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10 – Build up Pinterest Campaign

Last month’s goal was to look into a Pinterest campaign for my business.  Surprisingly, before I have done anything Pinterest has been driving traffic to my shop. However, I wanted to optimise this so I’ve been working on content and sorting my boards.

This month I want to get the campaign up and running so I can start monitoring the progress.

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So I’ve gone a little crazy and added 10 goals, this is probably a huge mistake but I can’t seem to help myself!

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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13 thoughts on “June Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

  1. In chemical engineering, BSL is short for “Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoot”, which are the authors of the “Transport Phenomena” textbook. So I was like, “You’re learning… fluid mechanics?” so the explanation was helpful, haha!

    1. LOL I didn’t consider there would be another use for BSL. Fluid mechanics? Wow, that sounds WAY outside my knowledge level. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Victoria. Those blog post updates were the bane of my life and I am SO pleased they are now all done.

      I may have overshot with the June goals but I’m trying to plan them throughout the remaining weeks of June.

    1. lol thanks Rae. I may be TOO ambitious, I just relooked at my goals and was like “wtf was I thinking?!”

      Good luck with your own goals. I do like to have them, even if I do sometimes overstretch myself!

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