Ep 009 | The Merry Writer Podcast

Today on The Merry Writer Podcast, Rachel and I discussed worst data losses and different methods writers can protect and save their work.

“What is your worst data loss?”

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Episode 009

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5 thoughts on “Ep 009 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. My worst data loss was one time when I decided to give up writing forever and destroyed every copy of my novels I could find. I went so far as to force the friends I’d sent it to to delete them out of their emails. I doubt anything remains if them, but I kind of wish I could look at that first novel and know how much I’ve improved. But… maybe it’s better not to read something I wrote in hivh school, ha!

    But I’ve been all about backups since like forever, so I’ve never had an accidental loss more than a few chapters.

    1. Wow that is… intense! I’ve had moments of wanting to put all my novel notes etc into a big pile and burn them but I always resist. Impressive (if not scary) that you completely destroyed everything.

  2. Can I be smug and say I have not really had a data loss? I back my work up on pen drive and google drive so there is always a copy somewhere if something goes wrong. The only issue I have had is copying the file the wrong way, but with google drive you can go back to older versions so it is all good really. Yep, and I am an IT and computing teacher so I should be OK with the tech and the fact I need to back up!

  3. I lost a number of photos from my senior of college–specifically those that were of a ship that had come in on the river to temporarily house students that had to evacuate a few dormitories due to a mold outbreak. It was sad to lose those. Didn’t back them up when I thought I had.

    I did lose most of my writing from my high school era, but years later, miraculously I found some printed copies of a few things from that time–a couple stories and poems that I retyped and worked on.

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