May Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

I’m not sure how this year is going so slowly and yet so fast at the same time.  I feel like we’ve fallen into some weird wormhole where time is moving oddly.

However, one thing is sure, I am definitely feeling like I’ve more time so that means I’ve added more goals to my monthly list 🙂

Okay, let’s start with the usual recap of last month’s goals and how I did.

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Last Month’s Goals

01 – Write 10,000 Words – DONE – only just, but I managed it before the 1st May!

02 – Finish the second edit of Dark Hart – PARTIALLY DONE Unfortunately, things got a little rough this month and my partner had to work a lot of overtime.  So I didn’t want to put pressure on him. 

03 – Update 30 blog posts – DONE – Managed over 60+.  I will be SO glad when these are all finally done.

04 – Read 5 Books – DONEI slowed down a little this month, but I also found several books I’d started earlier in the year that I’d misplaced including one that belonged to my partner! eek!  But I can now finish it and give it back 🙂

05 – Go through all Data discs -PARTIALLY DONE – Okay so this was a bigger job than I expected but still got through a decent amount.

06 – Do self-assessment (Taxes) –  DONE – Totally impressed that I did this as I’m good at leaving my taxes until the last minute.  Still hate HMRC’s online system that is NOT as easy as they think it is.   

07 – Sort all April’s Podcast episodes early – DONE – Rachel and I are steaming ahead with this podcast, recording well ahead of schedule 🙂

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This Month’s Goals

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01 – Finish my World Book

If you receive my newsletter you will know I’ve been working on my World Book.  This is the encyclopedia companion to my fantasy series The Blessed.

Whenever I create a new world of this depth, I like to build a detailed encyclopedia to help me make sure the details and structures are correct.  You may know it as a series bible or world reference book.

My World Book also helps me stay consistent as I plan to have a trilogy AND some additional books.  Having a reference guide to refer to really helps.

02 – Finish the second edit of Dark Hart

I am still aiming to get this second edit finished.  It depends on my partner’s schedule so we shall see.

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03 – Update 40 Blog Posts

Yes, I’m losing the will to live with this, but I am getting very close.  Eventually, they will all be updated, links checked, layout organised and I never EVER have to do it again. EVER.

04 – Create a new Library resource

In order to keep me on track, I will now be adding this as a monthly goal.  For those who don’t know, I (try) and create a new downloadable resource every month.

These are stored in The Library, where only my newsletter subscribers have exclusive access.  I have not always managed to get one created each month so I need this as a boost.

Want access?  Simply join my newsletter using the link and you’ll receive a few intro emails including the one with the access code to the library.

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05 – Read 2 Book

I lost my reading mojo a little last month.  I usually read in bed, but for a handful of nights, I was been so exhausted I didn’t manage to read anything.  So I’m reducing this goal.

06 – Finish going through ALL data discs

I want this task off my list by the time the damn lockdown ends so I can get these discs all set for recycling.

07 – Start BSL Course

I wanted to make good use of this lockdown.  Without being able to go out and do errands I have more time, so I signed up for a British Sign Language Course.

My 4-year-old nephew has developmental disabilities and can’t speak so sign language is used to communicate with him.  I know some but I want to increase my knowledge.

08 – Create a fresh look for my Instagram

I have been steadily working on the different platforms that I really want to use.  Instagram is definitely one I like but it needs some attention.  So I’m taking this month to give it a make-over.

09 – Update all my passwords

If you read my article: Have You Been The Victim Of A Data Breach?  You know that a couple of my email addresses were included in a breach.  While the data wasn’t pasted, I have been making sure my passwords are a lot stronger.  I still have a number of them to update so I want to get this completed this month.

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10 – Start a Pinterest campaign

I used to use Pinterest quite a lot, but I’ve slipped a bit and I need to get back to it.  I need to start using it to drive traffic for my business.  So this will be an experiment to see how well I can do this and test what works.

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11 – Sort graphics

I have several more graphics to create for our podcast and I need to keep track of what I’ve created and what still needs to be done.

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

Happy writing & stay safe

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3 thoughts on “May Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

  1. Wow – you make me feel like a slacker Ari! All I do is write posts and pair them with pictures. Today I decided since it was a gorgeous, sunny day after two very rainy days, I would go to the Park with my point-and-shoot camera as I saw goslings in the water the other day. I was careful to keep it from my face, got some pictures, likely not as clear as I would have liked, and on my way out of my favorite park, a police officer was parked across the only entrance/exit to the Park and they have closed it, along with the other 21 parks in my City. It was because people were not adhering to social distancing protocol. I’m hoping it is not for the entire Summer – new life was evident at the Park this morning and the Park was coming alive with leaves and flowering trees. Glad I was there to bask in the ambiance.

    1. It is sad that because of the actions of some who aren’t adhering to social distancing, that it affects others with the park closures.

      People can be very selfish. 😦

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