Ep 005 | The Merry Writer Podcast

It’s podcast day!  For those of you who are following our podcast, we really hope you are enjoying listening to us as we discuss all many of ‘writerly’ questions. 

If you haven’t already listened, there is an embedded Youtube video below where you can listen to us discuss today’s question, which is:

“Does Music Inspire Your Writing?”

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Episode 005

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to our podcast, and a massive thanks to the awesome person who left us a 5-star review on iTunes!  You totally made our day!

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Happy writing

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6 thoughts on “Ep 005 | The Merry Writer Podcast

    1. lol “Down a Rabbit Hole” is a term used for when someone ends up chasing an engrossing and time-consuming topic… usually leading from one thing to another.

      Think of it like a rabbit warren. You might only see one hole but when inside it’s a maze of passages you could get lost in.

      So when someone chases “down a rabbit hole” with a topic, they could become lost in the warren of connecting topics 🙂

  1. I think it’s great that you both saw soundtracks for WIPs as a distraction – it’s kind of why I’ve never done it, either!

    I just put YouTube on my MyMix and let the disco roll.

  2. Another great podcast, I really like the easy chat between you and Rachael. If you want some good fantasy computer game music to listen to then try The Legend of Zelda (the newer ones!). The only music that inspired me was a bear that helped my daughter get to sleep, one tune that would come on made me think of the DVD main menu of my book if it were a film. Random I know but it helped me to write!

    1. Thanks so much, Chris. Apologies for the delay, I am behind on my blogging comments again.

      Aww you are so kind. We really hoped that our easy chat was enjoyable and not too casual so your words really help 🙂

      I will have to try LoZ music, I’ve only ever heard the old stuff and that was years ago.

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