Ep 003 | The Merry Writer Podcast

It’s podcast time again!  Episode 003 is now available to listen to.  We are slowly getting used to recording ourselves without cringing at the sound of our voices.  

You will find an embedded Youtube video below where you can listen to us discuss today’s question, which is:

“Do you prefer to write a series or standalone books?”

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Episode 003


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Happy writing

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6 thoughts on “Ep 003 | The Merry Writer Podcast

  1. Cool question, guys! The thing that stuck out to me was the conversation about TV. Gunsmoke (a western I’ve seen waaaay too much of, percentage wise) ran for 20 *YEARS*. Guiding Light (a soap) ran for 57 (holy smokes), unless you count the preceding radio show to make it 72 years. I don’t know why TV can be so compelling, but I guess the visual element and ease of consumption makes it appealing.

    1. Thanks for listening! Exactly, there are so many TV shows that just went on and on for ages. You’re right, visual elements can make it easier though.

  2. Well done. You’re sounding really good (Both of you).
    I don’t prefer standalone books versus series. But when I get hooked on a series I like to get an entire series before I start. I don’t want to start a series that isn’t completed. I first got hooked on standalone books by Kurt Vonnegut. His characters are carried over into multiple books but separate novels.

    1. Thanks so much, Tom! 🙂

      I am totally with you on the whole series thing. I have had some bad experiences, including with a great author who wrote a new trilogy…except he never finished the 3rd book!

      It was apparently planned and partially written, but then he moved onto another project and never went back… we’re talking YEARS and we are still waiting. The two books together didn’t end enough, there is so much left.

      We used to get updates of when he was going to finish but then no more updates. So now I am very hesitant to pick up a series that isn’t completely active or that hasn’t been finished.

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