About Duerer Compression Gloves (Review)

I wanted to talk about Compression Gloves.  But first, a quick disclaimer – I do NOT have arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, however, what I do have is seriously bad circulation that.

When my hands get too cold (and that can happen while I’m indoors) they can start to cramp up.

Yes, I’ve been to the doctors and they’ve ruled of numerous things including Raynauds Disease.

I am mostly okay at managing my condition and keep my hands as warm as possible, but in winter even with the heating on, my hands can cramp up really fast.

So I am always up for trying new things that might help.

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Introducing Compression Gloves

These gloves are designed to “provide gentle compression to relieve your finger and hand pain.”

Designed for people who suffer from RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatoid Tendonitis and Arthritis.

Photo of a hand wearing the grey Duerer Compression Glove

Made from a soft, breathable and lightweight fabric and offered in both fingerless and fill finger options for comfort and mobility.

The Duerer gloves come in different colours including brown, black, purple, pink and grey.

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Will they fit?

I bought might from Amazon and there was a handy hand guide to them.

Duerer Compression Glove sizing guide. Four size to get a comfortable fit.

Now, I found out about these gloves when my mother got a pair for my dad for Xmas.

I saw them, tried them on and despite him having the larger size I found them super comfy.

I made sure to check my size and ordered the medium.  These turned out to be perfect for me – obviously, they were more compressing than my dad’s because his gloves were too big for me.

So do always use the sizing guide.  They might feel a little tight, but remember, they are compressing gloves and need to be snug.

I did notice that they feel a little baggier around the thumbs at the part closest to the tip rather than the palm, but any cramping I had in my thumbs always came from the part that joined to the palm anyway.

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Do they work?

As I mentioned, I do NOT have all the conditions these gloves apparently help with so I cannot give you definitive details on that.  But they have definitely helped with my bad circulation.

Yes, my hands can still get a little cold (on the fingertips) but they don’t get half as cold as they did and since I’ve been wearing them (since January) I have not had any cramping! So that’s a win!!

Photo of hand in thumbs up wearing a Duerer Compression Glove

I would normally cramp up a few times a week especially since we are still in the colder months.

I would sometimes get joint pain in my right hand which I write with, use the mouse with and I don’t get that joint pain when I’m using these gloves.

I specifically got the fingerless ones as I can’t type with full-fingered gloves.  I did find it a little awkward at first because I’m not used to wearing gloves at the laptop but took a very short time to get used to them.

On Amazon, this brand of gloves is showing at 4.5 stars with over 800+ reviews (on Amazon.co.uk).

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These are currently going for £8.99 on Amazon.co.uk.  Which I found to be an absolute bargain.

I did expect them to be more because I was impressed with the quality when I’d tried on my dad’s gloves.

For that price, I am well chuffed!

If you are an artist, writer, crafter, gardener and feel that compression gloves might help you in your work, I recommend these gloves.

Obviously, this review is just my personal opinion and depending on your condition and its severity, you may wish to speak to a doctor or health professional first.  

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Happy writing

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10 thoughts on “About Duerer Compression Gloves (Review)

  1. I have compression gloves and so does my Mum and we think they’re great! I have rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis and Mum has osteo-arthritis and poor circulation. For when you get really cold, try this

    Not particularly glamorous (hehe!) but it is wonderfully soothing.

    1. Thanks for sharing the link, Clare. I’m glad to hear you also find compression gloves so helpfu. I was thrilled when I found out about them.

  2. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow!

    This is a great review! 🙂 I didn’t know compression gloves existed, especially fingerless ones but that looks like something I could use. I have suffered the odd but of RSI in either hand (or both) sometimes and at those times it looks like these might help me. I’d also get a bit of benefit from covering my hands in winter as the back of my hands has skin so sensitive they tend to crack easily in the cold of winter, so this seems like a great set of gloves as other fingerless ones I’ve tried are always too loose for me.
    I hope that cramping hasn’t caused you too much pain this year ❤ 🙂

    1. I had never heard of them until my dad got his pair for Christmas and I was like “oooh… I think I need these!” They have definitely helped and I even wear them under normal gloves if I go outside (well, I did until the weather got nicer).

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