The Merry Writer Is Becoming A Podcast

If you’ve been following my blog for the last few months, you’ll have heard me mention the Secret Project a few times.  Well, the secret is out now and that project is Podcasting!

We’ve been working on creating a podcast for a while and spent the last few months organising, brainstorming, laying foundations and getting all the “grunt work” done.

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Starting a Podcast

This is so exciting as not only is this a new venture for us but it is another boundary push against our comfort zones and I do like trying to move that boundary line every now and then.

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Okay, so let’s cover some things…

So who’s ‘we’?

You probably guessed (well, you may have if you have played #TheMerryWriter game on Twitter) that the “we” in this venture is myself (obviously) and my good friend and fellow author, Rachel Poli who runs the Twitter game with me.

So decided to dip our toes into Podcasting.

What’s the Podcast about?

Our show summary is:

“Two chatty authors connecting writers, one question at a time by asking all the “write” questions.”

It is going to be a fun, friendly show where we ask (and answer) a question each week about all things writing and bookish, as well as sharing news, advice and personal experiences on our own writing journeys.

Whose this podcast for?

This podcast is aimed at writers and authors mainly, and anyone who wants to know more about what writers do and how they do it.

The questions we ask will be ones to get you thinking about your stories, characters and worlds, not to mention writing processes and ideas that may help you in your journey.

Quick disclaimer: While we will TRY and make it somewhat family-friendly, please be warned both myself and Rachel can pepper our discusses with the odd curse word or two, so take that into consideration.

Why all the secrecy?

Rachel and I are great at planning but we can sometimes fall down the rabbit hole of planning and never actually move forward (see “Why Perfectionism Can Be Stifling“).

This is especially true when we are trying something very different for us and as mentioned, moving outside of our comfort zone.

So we didn’t want to announce it too soon and then end up not actually going ahead with it.

But mentioning a secret project was enough to give us a little accountability and set us working on it regularly.  It also gave us time to iron out all most of the wrinkles… of which there were many!

Over to you

We would be super stoked if you’d join us.  We will be uploading our episodes every Wednesday and we will (hopefully) be on several platforms to make it as easy as possible for people to listen and subscribe.

You can here our mini-Intro Trailer to this podcast right now, by visiting our Podbean Website.  We wanted it to be clear for our trailer, believe me when I say our official episodes will be a lot more conversation and…messy! lol

Yes, you will get to hear our accents and our overly-excited moments and probably some mispronunciations and weird rants.

We will also be hoping to feature some guests onto our podcast, once we convince a few unwitting souls to join us.

They will be giving their thoughts on the weekly question and you may just hear some sparkling insights…or more likely, random off-topic conversation tandems and possibly some cursing.  You have been warned. 🙂

Early Notice

If you were subscribed to my newsletter, you will have learnt about this secret project announcement yesterday and been sworn to secrecy.

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↑ a very important promise! ↑

Newsletter subscribers always get first notice of things and exclusive content, if you’re not yet on my newsletter (and what to be) then sign up here!

Didn’t get the newsletter but on the list?  Please make sure you check your spam folder and make sure you add my email address to your contacts list so that you receive the newsletter directly to your inbox. 🙂


Happy writing

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25 thoughts on “The Merry Writer Is Becoming A Podcast

  1. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow!

    Congratulations! And good luck with the podcasts! I really hope you enjoy dong them and I’m sure you’ll give us lots of fun and interesting information too. Maybe you’ll have guests on your podcasts one day too?

    1. Thanks Cat! We are enjoying the podcasts actually, it’s nerve-wracking when we get started but then we just feel more at ease. We are planning to have guests, once a month, and will be reaching out to people in order to start setting them up 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Lynne. It is exciting…and nerve-wracking too! But we enjoying ourselves…though I just edited our first full episode and man does that make you realise all the “filler” words you say that you might not realise. lol

    1. LOL This comment made me proper laugh, I had to think for a moment what the “wrong” way of saying process was. I’m sure there will be many other things that I do pronounce wrong 😀

  2. So that’s what the “secret project” is! Well, you did an excellent job of keeping it under your hats. Remind me never to play poker with you. You bluff extremely well. I fully intend to listen to the trailer. When you two officially launch the Meghlen/Poli Newshour will it be video or audio? Can’t wait to hear what you two sound like. Do you want a question in a written format or a recorded format? If I was to send you a sound file what type of sound file would you prefer wav, mp3, wma, etc

    1. lol thanks Tom, we definitely wanted it to be a real surprise and I’m glad we managed it. The podcast will just be audio not video.

      At this moment, we aren’t asking for questions right now. We already have dozens of episodes set up with questions – however once we find our feet (fully) we may ask for questions from our listeners.

      We will know more when we are a bit more settled into the whole podcasting and be able to confirm it at a later date.

      Thanks 🙂

    1. Yay thanks so much and I really hope you enjoy it. Oh yes, it is all about writing – each week we ask a writing question and sharing our thoughts (as well as those of our guests) once we manage to organse enough to start chasing people 😀

      1. Thanks so much Andrew. Oh don’t worry, your name was already on our initial list of people to invite as guests 😀 Once we are a little more organised, we will be in touch 🙂

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