March Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

It’s goal-setting time once again, is it weird I’m actually starting to ENJOY my goal setting?

I’ve reduced my goals this month to 6, as I am having an Unwind Week this month and I need to actually unwind!Β 

Thankfully, I remembered that while in the middle of setting my goals so shoved a few of them towards April.Β  Look at me being all sensible! πŸ˜‰

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↑ Me racing towards my Unwind Week. ↑

Okay, let’s start with the usual recap of last month’s goals and how I did.

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Last Month’s Goals

01 – Write 27,000 Words – DONE – I actually managed 28,324

02 – Update 50 blog posts – DONE I actually updated 71 blog posts!

03 – Fix Issue on Google Console – NOT DONE – for some reason I couldn’t sign in to the console.Β  :/

04 – Read 1 book – DONE – I actually managed to read 4 books!

05 – Go on a Date – DONE – Normally we aim for a simple Costa date (which we managed) but for our 16th Anniversary together, my partner took me to see Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show!

06 – Run a Month of Updates – DONE I planned them, created the imagery and set my phone with alerts to tell me when they had to be uploaded.

07 – Update ALL NuMONDAY listings – DONE

08 – Create a Timeline – DONE – this is the secret project, we had meetings, decided what needed to be done, assigned jobs and got to work! πŸ™‚

Hot damn!Β  That was a good month!Β  In fact, not only did I manage to complete almost all those goals I also managed to:

  • Organise all my stock (and damn was there a lot!)
  • Rearrange some rooms (we relocated our bedroom to a different room)
  • Finish the house purge (going through every room and reducing our possessions)
  • Design how my Craft Room needs to be set up (once we’ve had our house rewire)
  • Completely rearranged our box room


This Month’s Goals

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01 – Write 28,300 Words

In order for me to complete the 85K Writing Challenge, I need to write approx 28,000 words in March.

As before, I will keep my overall total word count update on my Friday blogs as a form of accountability.Β  (Thanks to everyone who has been cheering me on!)


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02 – Update 40 Blog Posts

I’m still trying to keep this one reachable, but like last month, will do a push to hit more than this target.Β  But if I only manage 40, it’s a win.

03 – Fix Google Console

Hopefully, if I can get into the console, I can fix it!



Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

04 – Read 2 Book

Since I started reading every night, I’m getting through books a lot quicker.Β  So I’m upping this goal to 2 books, mostly because I have my Unwind Week in March and will hopefully have a few days to chill and just read.Β  Bliss!

05 – Go on a Date

We have been together 16 years and my partner and I are still as close as ever, if not closer, than when we first met.Β  So having these “dates” which can be going out somewhere or simply to the coffee house, is important.

To give these dates even more weight, they are going to be added to my goals list.



Business header. Image: chart

06 – Get Ready for Taxes

My financial year runs April to April, so I need to get all my paperwork and accounts up to date to make doing my Self Assessment easier once my financial year ends.


Friday Update: 62,658 words (tracking my word count for the 85K Writing Challenge).

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Happy writing

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19 thoughts on “March Goals 2020 | Monthly Goals

  1. I was enjoying reading all of your accomplishments, until you mentioned TAX! πŸ˜‚ I’ve got three business to sort out so I s going to be a busy month for both of us. Congratulations on your 16th anniversary. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    1. OMG I don’t know how you cope with doing taxes for THREE businesses, one is enough!! lol Aww thank you, we have had 16 awesome years and plan to have many many more πŸ™‚

    1. How is your reading going? I have been pleased to get more reading done. Just by making a change of reading for an hour every night in bed has been such a game changer – not sure why I stopped reading in bed – I am even sleeping better. Do you do the Goodreads Reading Challenge?

      1. I am doing the Goodreads reading challenge, but right now I’m at a complete standstill because Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings” just became available at my library and that thing is an absolute beast of a book. So while I feel like I’m getting nowhere, it’s probably a bigger accomplishment to read that single book than to read 3 smaller books. Still… feel like I’m dragging right now.

        Also, the sudden availability of “Way of Kings” put my reading of Kerri’s “Soul’s Choice” on the backburner, which sucks because I was hype to start that.

      2. I’ll have to check out that The Way of Kings, haven’t heard it but I do love me some epically big books!

        I’m sure you’ll get to Kerri’s book soon. πŸ™‚

      3. “Way of Kings” is a Brandon Sanderson work, so it’s relatively famous (in the US, at least). I haven’t made up my mind about it yet, but I will go ahead and warn you that the beginning is tolerable but very, very slow, much like his other epics.

      4. Thanks for the heads up, I don’t mind (some) slow books but it helps to know they build. I’ve read some slow ones before that never felt like they delivered on the story in the end.

    1. OMG I couldn’t cope without my Unwind Weeks any more. I love them, they are nicely spread out over each quarter and it makes all the difference.

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