5 of My Most Popular Blog Posts in 2019

Since we are still in January, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back over my blog and see which posts people seemed most interest in visiting.

I am always working on this blog, planning content, updating old posts, adding to my ever-growing list of topics, listening to my readers’ requests…so I wanted to see how last year turned out.

It was my best year ever for visitors and comments and I’m so thrilled about that.  So I decided to have a look at which blog posts people really loved.

Banner - 5 of My Most Popular Blog Posts


Mini Image for How to Sneakily Describe Characters.  Silhouttes of people on coloured backgroundsHow to Sneakily Describe Characters

This was a post written by my guest writer Shaina Krevat who shared her advice on the best ways to sneak in character descriptions without slowing down the flow.

She included loads of examples to clearly show the best ways to insert sneaky descriptions.


Mini image for Does Your Story Fail the Bechdel Test?  Two women talking over coffeeDoes your Story Fail the Bechdel Test?

In this post I discussed what the Bechdel Test is and how to check if your story passes it or not.

I had to write this post after I seemed to find myself inundated with movies and books that blatantly failed this test.


Mini image for Show don't tell. Corkboard with a message pinned that says "Don't tell me, show me..."How to Show Rather than Tell in Writing

An older post but still very popular it appears.

In this post I discussed the importance of Showing rather than Telling in order to help a reader delve deeper into your story and keep the flow moving.

However, I also covered when telling was preferable.


Mini image for World building article on Creating Races when building your world. How to Build your World: Races

One of the articles in my World Builder Series.

This article covered things to consider when populating your world with different races.

This is important if you are creating a fantasy world as this can add a deeper sense of realism.


Mini image for How to Write a Massive Cast of Characters.  Image of a crowd of peopleHow to Write a Massive Cast of Characters

As someone who writes with multiple main characters in most of my stories, I wanted to share my advice on how to manage larger casts of characters.

This is especially useful if you have omni points of view throughout several main characters.

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Friday Update: 28,455 words (tracking my word count for the 85K Writing Challenge).

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Happy writing

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6 thoughts on “5 of My Most Popular Blog Posts in 2019

  1. 1. CongratZ on last year’s numbers. I hope this year will beat that.
    2. A great idea for the round-up. I got to discover some posts of yours that I had previously missed.
    3. My WIP passes the test! Woot! I needed that pat on the back.

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