From Ashes to Magic goes live on Monday 2nd December!

If you follow my newsletter and my social media (aren’t you awesome!) you’ll know that I was invited to be part of a fantasy Anthology book.

I’m one of ten writers who wrote a short story on the theme of magic that will be bundled up into this gorgeous book which is coming out THIS MONDAY!! OMG!

Yay I shall do my happy dance. Meme - dancing lamb


From Ashes to Magic Anthology.  Supernatural Beings Anthology Volume 1

Look at that stunning cover, created by MerryBookRound.

Want to get your mitts on this collection of short stories?

You can order it now on Pre-Order or grab a copy on the 2nd December when it releases.Β  And Yes, it WILL be available in paperback too πŸ˜€

eBook Available for Pre-Order

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Buy from


What’s Inside!

Here are the blurbs for each story to whet your appetite!


Gabby’s Future

A future-telling tree offers Gabby an unpromising future she must try to change. Will that change make things better or worse?

~ Mikki Noble (website)



Stolen away to the Philippine Underworld by a mysterious goddess, dutiful and meek Bituin, a young girl from a small hidden mountain town on Cabu Island, discovers the gods have chosen her as a Babaylan (shaman).

Newly imbued with powers beyond her wildest imagination, Bituin’s spiritual awakening sends her life into upheaval and rocks the foundation of her quiet town.

~Jennifer C. Colvin



Immortality always comes with a sacrifice. But how can Nova finish the deed when her Prey is the only one that can save her?

~A. Denner (website)


Life and Death

Brimming with love and betrayal, the courtship between two gods explores what it means to have humanity. Is the divine romance between Life and Death doomed from the very beginning?

~Nita Pan (website)


Ordinary Fae

The only way to hide from a Fae king is to live among humans – as a human. Can Izabella Rane have the normal life she wants, or will she be forced into a world her family fled from?

~Melony Paradise


Sulfur Night

Cursed. Tainted. Marked. The children born on the sulfur night aren’t like the rest of us. They can serve only one purpose. Perhaps the new gods are as bloodthirsty as the old.

~Abby Paul (website)


Can You Keep A Secret?

Palkar Village is a bloodthirsty place for those of the supernatural, and after years of senseless persecution, the Sorcerer community sought refuge elsewhere.

For decades the Earth Sorceress Alina lived peacefully among her kind in deep forest until one night of magic changed her world. The Sorcerer community lived in secret tranquillity for decades…but would things stay that way?

~Carmen Adams



Bitter Regret creates beautiful betrayal in Havenless.

~Ryen Lesli (website)


Broken Promises

A young woman finds herself isolated from all she knows when her home is set ablaze. Despite insurmountable odds, she must risk traversing unfamiliar and hostile territory to find help or declare her life forfeit.

~Evelyn Chartres (website)


The Locksmith

For Cara, a non-magical human, in a world of magic, picking locks is how she makes a living.

Her quiet life is threatened when a mysterious traveller brings her a complex lock that makes her the target of a powerful enemy.

~Ari Meghlen (website)

A Supernatural Beings Anthology volume 1. From Ashes to Magic. Fantasy short stories


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Banner - From Ashes to Magic Anthology is coming out 2 December 2019. #SupernaturalBeings

17 thoughts on “From Ashes to Magic goes live on Monday 2nd December!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynne. We had a great team of writers in the anthology and it was an interesting experience. πŸ™‚

      (Apologies for the delay, I am trying to get back through all my comments)

  1. Congratulations….now calm down! This post sounded like you had nine coffees in one hour. I hope once you’re published you’ll remember us mere mortals who are still plodding along. Ah, to heck with that. Paint the town red. I remember how I felt. Congrats Ari!

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