October Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

So, September flew by.  I think I blinked too long and ‘poof!’  it was gone.  However, looking back over my diary where I track a lot of my tasks, I am surprised to see I actually got stuff done! *Congratulatory Self-five*

One of the ways I was able to do more things, was by “deep scheduling” my social media, damn did that make a difference. 

I will be explaining what I mean by “deep scheduling” in an upcoming post.

Last Month’s Goals

01 – Write 9,000 words – DONE – Managed to write just over 9k this month! wohoo!

02 – Complete a short story for an Anthology – DONEYes!! I did it, damn it was hard.  Short story writing is difficult!  I am not built for short stories, I am definitely a long story writer.  I went over by 2k words and so had to do a lot of cutting. 

03 – Write 1 month’s content DONE Another success!  I do think it helped that a) my guest posters sent me their posts super early and b) since I only need to write for Friday’s and not Monday’s it was a lot easier getting all my posts written in a day or two. 

04 – Read 2 Books – DONEI read Heartless by Marissa Meyer and Shadow City by Anna Mocikat.

05 – Complete 6 Tasks – DONE These were house tasks for getting our home in order, specifically purging items, shifting furniture, selling items, sorting gardenetc.  We are nicely on track 🙂

06 – Social Media Plan – DONE – As I mentioned in my intro, I did Deep Scheduling and it made all the difference for me, and definitely helped me find more time to complete the other goals.

07 – Prep for Busy Season – DONE I had specific tasks I wanted to complete to consider this goal reached and I managed it! 

Shockingly, I completed (all) my goals… AND had a week off.  Yes, if you get my newsletter or follow me on social media you’ll know that the last week in September was “Ari’s Rest Week”.


This Month’s Goals

Writing Header. Image: Pen with scrunched up paper

01 – Finish Outlining The Blessed (book 1)

I started outlining it months ago, then for reasons known only to the voices in my head, I stopped.  I have the first 2 quarters and some of the end outlined brilliantly… it’s just that pesky middle.

02 – Brainstorm The Blessed (book 2)

I recently* announced how I wanted to start outlining full trilogies.  Rather than just outline a book, write it then have to spend time outlining the second book, I wanted to start completing all the outlines for my trilogies before the first book is even finished.

So, I need to start brain dumping and storming ideas for book 2 of The Blessed in order for me to carve out some time, sit on the floor and build my outline.

* I often use “recently” please note that I use this randomly and it can refer to anything from 2 hours ago to 2 years ago.  Just go with it 🙂

03 – Write Flash Fiction piece

Last year I was invited to participate in a Flash Fiction Advent Calender where a different writer supplies a piece of flash fiction on the specific theme, for their chosen day.

I have been asked to join this again and have accepted.  I haven’t been given my date yet, but will let you know when I know 🙂


Blogging header. Image: Laptop on desk

04 – Write 1 month’s blog posts

I want to see if I can manage another month of fully written blog posts in just a day or two, to make sure the last time wasn’t a crazy fluke!

05 – Write Guest post

I was approached to write a guest post for StoryWars, so I want to get theis completed and over to them asap.



Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

06 – Read 1 book

Okay, so I’ve reduced this to one book because I am beta reading for someone and ARC reading for someone else.  This can slow down my reading time as beta reading can take a while.

07 – Complete the required tasks

As per last month, we have a deadline of end of October to clear through a list of tasks so that our week off together will actually be a break.



Business header. Image: chart

08 – Set up a new sales platform

With Etsy making stupid changes that are worse for both buyers and sellers, I want to look into an additional selling platform so that I am not restricted by Etsy’s terrible policies and changes.


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Happy writing

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22 thoughts on “October Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

  1. I like your idea of outlining an entire trilogy instead of one book at a time. I think my second book took as long as it did to edit because I’d made so many changes to book one before making the appropriate changes to subsequent books. I’ve decided to get a jump start on editing book 3 and 4 so it’ll already reflect the changes. Congrats on all that work. Don’t you love checking off tasks?

    1. I can appreciate that would take a lot longer. I have to admit, I’m not finding it easy to outline all three books but I keep reminding myself it will be worth it in the end. I just need a few solid weeks, no interruptions, no deadlines to lay out all my notes and really get into the groove… it hasn’t happened yet! lol

      Good luck on your editing 🙂

      OMG I LOVE checking off tasks, I swear it’s one of my fave things to do 😀

  2. Well done. One entire of blog content. Excellent! Give yourself a pat on the back. While it’s perfectly fine to try to write another month’s worth of blog posts take it easy. I don’t want to read that you’re taking time off from burn out and pushing yourself.

    1. Thanks so much Tom. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the goals went. It’s been easier to write a full month of posts now I don’t have to worry about Monday posts. My week off was a great help for recharging my batteries 🙂

    1. OMG I LOVED Heartless, I love the way she created the world – enough to recognise it but always with a wonderful unique flare of her own and even though I KNEW how it would (kinda) end since she is, after all, the Queen of Hearts and we know what her character ends up like… I was still totally blown away when I got to the ending and I was like “Nooooooooo!”

    1. Thank you so much Victoria, I appreciate that. I was happily surprised the goals went so well. I’m doing okay so far with my October goals.

    1. Thanks so much! I admit when it was first suggested by my partner that I take a week off each quarter, I fought it. but I relish the recharge now. I highly recommend it!

    1. lol thanks Linda. It’s nice when things go so well, I certainly did enjoy my week off and 100% felt like I actually earned it this time 😀

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