Interview with Author Reign Atkins

Today I welcome writer Reign Atkins onto my blog, to do an author interview.  Check out her answers to my questions.

Big thanks to Reign for being today’s guest poster, please make sure to check out her links and details at the end of this post. 


Q01 – Why did you decide to become a writer?

It wasn’t so much a decision as it was something I did anyway.  I never thought Hope would get picked up by a traditional publisher, then it did.  At the time, I was working in health care and I really didn’t enjoy my job.

I realised I needed a change of career so I went back to uni to try for a career in digital media.  What I have learned so far in my degree has certainly given me so much to work with in relation to being an author.

But at the same time, I know that unless I am JK Rowling famous, I will need another career to pay the bills.  So I am looking into screenwriting, as well as novel writing.  I’m also looking into video production and marketing.

Q02 – Are there any authors who inspire you?

JK Rowling, of course.  Ann Rice, Carol Barrowman.  Also Felicia Day!  She is a geeky role model who I look up to.  Her biography (you’re never weird on the internet) is what inspired me to get back into writing and truly embrace my geeky self.

Q03 – What is your favourite part about being an author?

I have two favourite parts. The first being actually writing my stories. I get to experience a world that I create, spend time with characters that I absolutely adore and… because I am a pantser, I don’t even know what’s going to happen.

My second favourite part is when I hear that others love my work. When they pick a character they really relate to, or when they can’t help but talk about certain scenes… (Like Hope’s ending)

Q04 – What you are currently working on?

I just finished the rewrite to book two last night. So it will be back to querying as soon as I get a moment.

Q05 – Do you use any specific writing software when drafting?

Just the latest Microsoft word. But I also use ITunes. I can’t write as brilliantly without music… especially Skillet, The Veronica’s, Imagine Dragon and Fall Out Boy.

Q06 – Do you plan your stories or just leap into the writing?

I’m a straight out Pantser. Back in school our teachers used to really push us to plan our stories out, but plans never really worked for me.

I like to let my imagination run wild. Some of my best twists have come in because of they way a character was acting and I knew they had a second agenda. And I was right!

Q07 – Do you have a writing routine?

Write whenever I get the chance. That’s it. But when I do get the chance it’s: make the coffee, start the music, read over the last chapter and then get to writing the next.

Q08 – What’s the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Emotional scenes. I really get to know these characters. Sometimes they invade my dreams with really intense scenes that wake me up crying.

I write these scenes and it doesn’t make me feel any better. I love them, I torture them, but I also feel empathy for them. It sounds crazy but that’s how it is.

Q09 – Do you get a lot of support from family and friends for your writing?

At first it was tough because I was struggling to balance it out and it seemed to them that this “hobby” was invading the time I was supposed to be spending with family.

But after it became evident that it was a professional thing, as well as a passion it made it easier. But throughout the whole time, yes I do get a lot of support.

I have a supportive husband and a best friend who is forever building me up. I also have my friends in the writing community which is really great!

Q10 – What’s the single best piece of advice you can give to new writers?

This affirmation is hanging in my car and it couldn’t be all the more perfect. “Dream, Believe, Do!”

Q11 – Are there any authors you would love to meet in person?

Felicia Day! Also, Anne Rice! I’d also love to meet Carol Barrowman again. I met her last year and she was very inspiring and she also gave me some pretty cool advice about sticking with action writing which is my thing. (I had doubts that I wouldn’t succeed as a female action writer)

Q12 – Tell us why you love writing.

Honestly, it gives us a chance to dream and to create. How could we not love that part?

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About Reign

Headshot of author Reign AtkinsI am an Australian writer, even though my stories have never taken place here.

I made my return to writing by starting with fanfictions in DC superheroes (namely The Flash) and gradually made the changeover to my own original stories.

When not writing I binge watch too much television, study my bachelor of digital media and spend time with my family.

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Book cover Hope by Reign Atkins.  Book 1 in the Hope SeriesWhen Mario Cruz unknowingly opens Pandora’s Box, it unleashes the seven deadly sins on the earth causing what might be humanity’s possible extinction.

He teams up with Astrid Sutherland to find out just why they are immune and to find a way to stop the curse.


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