More Awesome Blogs I Want to Share

On July’s “last Monday post”, I shared 10 Awesome Blogs <– click it if you missed it!

Well, 10 wasn’t really enough to share all the awesome blogs I love so I’m doing More Awesome Blogs.

As I mentioned last time, this isn’t easy as I follow a lot of blogs that are all packed full of great content too.


A Crack In The Pavement

Bryan is a writer and blogger at A Crack in the Pavement, who shares wonderful and often humorous thoughts and personal experiences that each have a sense of story and even intrigue at times, such as his The Stranger and the Black Balloon post he recently shared.


The Naptime Author

Anne is a writer of historical fiction and blogs at The Naptime Author (I love that name!) as well as welcoming guest posts onto her blog, she shares wonderfully detailed, real-stories from the Second World War.  Now, as someone who never cared for history, Anne has a natural talent for drawing you in and captivating you.


Rachel is an Urban Fantasy writer who blogs on Wordlander.  Her website is awash with advice for writers as well as some awesome tours full of photos of incredible places she’s visited that would appeal to many of us.  Such as Winchester Cathedral Crypt, Great Missenden (home village of Roald Dahl) and the Oldest Bookshop in the World (to name just a few)


The Orangutan Librarian

The Orangutan runs this awesomely comprehensive book reviewing blog that has had the devastating effect of adding sooo many more books to my TBR list.  With a great flare for humour and genuine love of books, this blog is a great find.  But be warned, you may end up wanting to read even more books.


Head to Head, Heart to Heart

Lynne is a writer and artist who blogs on Head to Head, Heart to Heart.  Her posts are a lovely collection of personal thoughts, advice, and beautiful photos especially of her stunning artworks.  I especially love her long, deep posts full of thoughtful insights.


Writer’s Treasure Chest

Aurora Jean is a Fantasy & Paranormal Romance writer who blogs at Writer’s Treasure Chest.  She runs a wonderful feature called “Author Spotlight” where she hosts guest writers.  She is also quick to share advice and articles that are important to authors such as the recent ones about pirate sites.

Rebecca Alasdair

Rebecca is a writer of epic fantasy and YA contemporary fiction and also blogger who shares a wonderful mix of writing advice and thoughts for aspiring writers as well as updates on her writing journey and on her current stories.

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17 thoughts on “More Awesome Blogs I Want to Share

  1. So here I am, kicking back on a Friday night. I’m seeing what my favorite people are up to and what do you know….one of them mentions me and my blog. You are such a cool person and I would have said that even if you hadn’t mentioned my blog. 🙂

    1. It was my pleasure, your blog is so fun and genuine, it had to be added to the list. Sorry I’ve not been visiting as much. I’m setting up a new system to start visiting my fave blogs more frequently.

    1. Yes! The blogging community is awesome, always so friendly and supportive. I became part of the blogger community well before I even got into the Writing community online

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