Why I’ve Switched to Using Ecosia

I’ve mentioned before that I can get settled with something and just stick with it.  Well, that’s not always good so I’ve been doing more to change things up. 

Getting more frustrated with Google had me scampering off looking for a new Search Engine.  I found Ecosia and have been suitably impressed. 


What I Used to Use

I’m old enough to remember a time before Google.  When we used search engines such as Lycos and Altavista to find things out.

Yahoo then became a popular main search engine for a time. Finally, Google became popular and everyone started using that.

Now Google has been great for things, but they have been seriously growing and with that kind of growth comes monopoly.  There is this feeling of them becoming quite a powerhouse and take over everything.

I’m also not impressed with the search function of Google these days.  More and more ads at the top, often for things that aren’t even relevant to my search.


Why I Changed to Ecosia

There are lots of different search engines such as DuckDuckGo (great for privacy as it doesn’t track you), WolframAlpha (great for more detailed searches as it’s a computational knowledge engine) etc.

However, I decided to use Ecosia.

Ecosia logo for the search engine

Ecosia is based in Berlin and one of the great features of this company is that it uses 80% or more of its surplus income from ad revenue to plant trees in areas that needed them the most.

So when users search, they are helping reforestation.  As a conservationist, I love that something simple can make such a difference.

Need some facts and figures? Check out their Wiki page that shows verified donated amounts and number of trees per year.

The main page of Ecosia is nice and clean, like Google, though it has a lovely artwork at the bottom and gives a live “tree count” so you can see all the good that’s being done.

Search Engine Ecosia

They also champion for a better internet with things like transparency, using renewable energy to power their servers and not having 3rd party tracking and the likes.

Ecosia - We Stand for a better internet



Better Results

Since I moved to Ecosia, I’ve been happier with the search results it’s pulled up.  With Google I was often having to go several pages deep before I actually found info on what I was looking at.

Not everyone is aware of other search engines out there, and since I was impressed with Ecosia I thought I’d share it here 🙂


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Happy writing

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17 thoughts on “Why I’ve Switched to Using Ecosia

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    1. We use DuckDuckGo on my partner’s laptop, that’s his preferred one. I think the “planting trees” one definitely hooked me with Ecosia. Let me know how you find it 🙂

  2. Thanks for this. I hadn’t heard of them. Google has become very frustrating in recent years when I used to be able to find literally anything! I love the idea that using Ecosia supports tree planting.

    1. Hi Jaq, thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree, Google has been getting frustrating, especially with all their tracking and filtering as well.

      I love it too! The idea of something so regular as searching can help plant trees, especially in our current environmental climate, I think this is such a wonderful idea.

    1. My pleasure, I love sharing things I like when I come across them. I was just getting a little fed up with Google and while I like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia definitely fits better with me.

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