Tips to Gain Recognition as a New Writer by Susan L. Urasky

Today I welcome writer Susan L. Urasky onto my blog, who shares her tips for gaining recognition as a new writer.

Big thanks to Sue for being today’s guest poster, please make sure to check out her links and details at the end of this post. 


The Lion, the Woods and the Road

I was a frightened as the cowardly lion to go into a new field I was unsure of.  I needed to step out of the woods of familiarity and onto a new road – the writer’s path.

This is a guideline of tips that I gathered from experts on the craft of writing for beginners. I hope you will gain the courage from these tips and lead you onto a pathway to believe that you are a writer, and how to present yourself to the public.

Define yourself

The lion stepped out of the woods and met up with others on the road to Oz, introducing himself he sputtered, “Uhhhh….” He hadn’t published anything.  How will he to launch himself onto this path to get out of the woods?

  • Look into the mirror and say out loud, “I am a writer.”
  • Print a business card. This is your badge of courage.  Use your local printer. Make it unique.  Mix it up and add one of your passions on the card.  Be a horse of a different color to spark conversation and be remembered.
  • Write a statement answering these two questions:
    • Why are you writing?
    • Who are you writing this for?

This statement will help craft your identity as you begin to find your own voice.  It will guide you to find the right audience.  It will build the confidence needed and it is another map to building your own author platform and brand.

Write a log line

  • A log line or elevator pitch, it is one brief sentence on what your book is about.
  • Write one short sentence and another lengthier statement.
  • Memorize this. Post it on your wall.

You are ready to introduce yourself as a writer, hand out a memorable card, say what and who you are writing for and link arms with fellow writers and set your sights on Oz.  You have taken the first steps out of the woods.

Believe in yourself

You have your badge of courage, but you stumble upon a tree that’s throwing apples. You’re tempted to run right back into the woods and cower; this is self-doubt.

  •  Write your biography.  An author bio is a short 100-word statement about yourself. Also, write a lengthier one approximately 300  words.
    • Use can use this on your social media and for organizations you begin to join. Seeing your bio in writing adds credence as you begin to believe in yourself.
    • Identify your genre and what you are passionate about.

Create your identity

Craft yourself appropriately and accurately.  Let your own image shine through.

Networking! The lion enters munchkin land and is mingling amongst fellow writersSurrounding yourself among fellow writers will begin to form that self-acceptance you’ll need down the road.

  • Attend a writer’s conference (annually if you are able, to help gain recognition).
    • Know your genre, ask questions, take classes, bring your log line, hand out and collect business cards, start a file of contacts.  Mix and mingle.
    • Join a critique group.
    • Attend a book launch.
    • Visit your library.
    • Find a mentor.  It’s crucial to have a sounding board. Someone you can call or text, to vent, share an accomplishment or ask for advice.

Get social

The lion gets to Oz with the help of his friends and they give him a make-over and set his style

Social Media

Writing that first post 

  • Use accurate punctuation.
  • Play hashtags games to gain followers (that is how I met Ari Meghlen).
  • Remember you are posting your image to the world and this is your reputation.
  • Make the post memorable, frequent and include images.


  • Create your own website
    • Set it up with the same substance as your social media platforms.
    • Begin a blogging schedule.
    • Use it to practice writing and share stories.

Your first blog post

This is as scary as the winged monkeys plucking the lion and his friends off their path. That’s when you call the Glinda, the good witch for support.

  • Topic ideas for your first blog post:
    • Who you are!
    • Why are you writing!
    • State why they should come to your blog.

Little ginger kitten stood on an open book with several more old books stacked behind

Never surrender!   

As the lion builds up his courage and steers off the beaten track, is when he stumbles and meets the wicked witch.

He looks around and, thinking he has what it takes, he asks, “What’s he got that I ain’t got?”  The answer is, “Courage.”  How do we gain that inner strength?

  • Develop a support system.
  • Ask the experts.  Use your writers’ group and friends you met along the way for motivation.  Writers are eager to help in many ways.
    • Learn the writing craft.
    • Stay the course
    • Use the 90%/10% rule
      • The writing of your novel is most important.  Spend  90%  of your allotted work time towards writing.

My favorite quote is from author Jodi Picoult:  “You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

Lion sleeping with a girl sat with him, reading a book

As a once-timid lion, using these tips, you now have developed your brand and are beginning to form your author platform.

You are equipped with tools; you have a support group and are building your social media.  Hopefully you now have courage and have built confidence as a writer.

You are a writer, you’re out of the woods and on your road.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About Susan

Writer Susan L UraskySusan L Urasky is an RN, currently writing her mainstream fiction novel inspired by true personal events; weaving credible medicine in a plot full of horrific turns.

Her inner voice has awoken, inspiring her to blog and write poetry.  Susan also writes guest articles for blogs in the US and UK. She takes classes at UW-Madison

Continuing Studies and is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association.

Her experiences range from clinical to camp nursing along with medical sales and marketing.  Susan, Chicago born haslived from coast to coast, including Maui.  She now enjoys log cabin living in Wisconsin.

Through her writing , she advocates for mental health, disabilities and patient safety and believes through expression it can be a gateway to healing and comfort.

Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram   |  Pinterest


Susan’s currently writing her debut novel and it’s based on true events:

Nurse Carrie Winters friends are deathly ill, she’s horrified that she’s discovered they have been deceived by science and medicine, what she trusts most…now she risks her career, her relationship, and her father’s race for the US senate, to publicly expose a fatally flawed system with hope of saving lives before it’s too late.


This post was written by a guest writer.  Please check out their details above.  If you would like to be a guest contributor on this blog, check out my Interested in Guest Posting page for details on how you can share your advice or do an author interview.

Happy writing

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Tips to gain Recognition as a new writer by Susan L Urasky.  Image of a lion sleeping with a girl reading beside it


14 thoughts on “Tips to Gain Recognition as a New Writer by Susan L. Urasky

  1. This is one beautiful story. I’ve used anecdotes to start my blog posts before, but this is the first time I’m seeing someone use a story to write an entire blog post.

    I totally enjoyed reading this post, and I think everyone who’s just venturing into blogging or writing should read this.

    1. Sue Urasky

      Thank you Obinna, I love using metaphors while writing and I did real feel like a cowardly lion entering the writing world. I am glad you found this beneficial. Thank you, Susan L Urasky

    1. Sue Urasky

      Floatinggold, I am grateful you found these tips useful. Glad to hear you are printing them out! Thank you, Susan L Urasky

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