August Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

There has been more family stuff going on so I’ve decided to keep my monthly goals low.

It just gives me a lot of wiggle room and if something comes up (which has been happening a lot), I am still in a strong position.

I enjoy making monthly goals as it keeps me on track and helps me to stay focused on tasks that often drive my larger goals.

Last Month’s Goals

01 – Write 1 chapter – Done!  Wohoo!!

02 – Plan a Month’s content – I exceeded this goal as I had my content planned by day3.

03 – Go through DVDs – Partially done. I need my partner to go through with me as they are “our” DVDs and he’s been crazy busy.  Will be doing the rest this weekend!

04 – Complete Business Taxes (Self Assessment) – Partially done.  Not my fault.  Etsy’s new payment system is awful and not as “streamlined” as they pretend it is.  My spreadsheets are all completed, I just need to double check the fees before I fill in my SA and I need my smarter-than-me partner to check for me so I don’t mess up, 



This Month’s Goals

Writing Header. Image: Pen with scrunched up paper

01 – Complete a story for Anthology

I was honoured to be asked to participate in a Fantasy Anthology with 9 other writers.  I need to get my story done by September so this is definitely my monthly writing goal.

This is quite a challenge as I am not great at writing short stories, flash fictions were tough enough.  But I do like rising to challenges. 😀



Blogging header. Image: Laptop on desk

02 – Plan 2 Month’s Content

The blogging bug has bitten pretty hard and I have like 60+ blog post ideas lingering in my Drafts folder.  They aren’t written but they do have some notes and points sketched out.

So I want to get 2 months ahead with content planning with a hope of getting some of these actually written early enough.  But I’m not making that part of the goal.



Personal header. Image: Slippered feet before a fire with a hot chocolate

03 – Take more photos

I had a different goal a few days ago, then I decided I was doing it again – overfilling my plate and I had to stop.

So this is a self-care goal, to get me out of the house and into nature with my camera which I love to do!



Business header. Image: chart

04 – Make 8 New Products

That comes to just two new products a week.  I can manage that and it will help to boost my inventory as we get closer to the busy season.

Though, with Etsy making shitty changes in regards to this whole “Free Shipping Debacle” that is going to hit some of us hard, I may not have a “busy season”.  *Sigh*

05 – Complete Taxes

I need to keep this on my goals because I REALLY need to get these completed.  They are starting to annoy me now.


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Happy writing

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20 thoughts on “August Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

    1. Thanks Lorraine, it’s going to be a challenge as I am NOT good at condensing my stories into short ones. I have already had to trash 5 ideas because they spiralled. I think I’ve got my idea down now and have started writing, I feel I may have to do a LOT of cutting when I finish though. lol

  1. Goals are hard to keep and especially in the warmer months when you look outside and think to yourself “just a few more months and the ugly weather will set in and I’ll be cooped up indoors” but I am glad you accomplished this:

    “So this is a self-care goal, to get me out of the house and into nature with my camera which I love to do!”

    1. I had to go back and remove the original goal and start thinking more about my self-care. So this goal was a must 🙂 I’m even scheduling in a blog post to actually showcase some photos, so I HAVE to complete that goal 😀

      1. I’ll look forward to seeing your nature photos – I am still very behind in Reader, trying to pace myself, but needing to stay late due to my workload … the busy schedule will pass by week’s end hopefully and maybe I’ll catch up and resume posting on a more-regular schedule.

    1. Thanks Victoria. I had hoped July would be better, but in truth, it was partially out of my hands since I was having to wait for other people.

    1. lol before my hiatus I had like 4 blog post ideas in my drafts. During my hiatus, when I finally gave my brain a rest I ended up just getting inspiration from everywhere. News articles I read, movies I was watching, a random convo..

      I just kept adding them to my drafts and it’s been lovely knowing I have such a collection of ideas so I don’t have to struggle to come up with anything.

  2. Best of luck with your goals, Ari. I’ve been trying to plan a lot of my social media and blog posts so I’m at least three months ahead… then if I want to change to something more topical at the time, I just move it ahead or put it in the bank…for me it’s been worth spending a day every month to keep this going, free’s up a lot of time.

    1. Thanks Jo. 🙂 I find it so helpful to be months ahead with my blog, or social media. I could do with scheduling 1 whole day just to creating stuff for my social media and putting it in Buffer.

    1. lol me too! I am not a short story writer by nature so this is a pretty big challenge for me and I am still trying to figure out the best idea for it. I have until the end of this week to come up with my idea, in order to get my word count down by the end of the month.

      Oh well, another challenge to try and tackle 🙂

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