10 Awesome Blogs I Want to Share

For those of you new to my blog, the last Monday of every month is given over to a Round-up post.  I share between 5 and 10 posts from other bloggers that I loved and think you’d love too.

Well, today I thought I’d do something a little different.  I’m sharing 10 of my favourite blogs that I love to visit.

This was not easy as I follow a lot of blogs that are all so awesome and packed full of great content too. 


Lorraine Ambers

Lorraine is a fantasy writer and she shares wonderful advice for writers mixed with information on her personal writing journey and all threaded with her very own personal flair and flavour.


K M Allan

K.M Allan is a YA author whose blog is choc-full of great content for writers new and experienced.  She delves deep into topics and shares great insights from what she has learnt along the way.


Renard’s World

Renard is a great blogger who believes in the art of long-form content and provides it with exceptional blogging advice for bloggers who are both just starting out and ones that have been around for a while.


The Story Reading Ape

Chris runs the Story Reading Ape, a resource blog for writers by sharing content from all over the blogosphere.  His website is a font of knowledge for writers who are looking for advice or information from their fellow authors.


Fairytale Feminista

Ivia is an author who uses her blog to discuss the ideas regarding fairy tales and re-imagining the role given to women and men in them.  She reveals concepts and ideas about fairy tales that make you think differently about them.


Rachel Poli

Rachel is an author and my co-host on #TheMerryWriter Twitter game.  She is also one of the first people I met in the blogging world.  Rachel’s blog is updated daily with a wonderful array of content such as Short Story Sunday, writing prompts and advice for authors.


A Suffolk Lane

Clare uses her blog as a diary to share her life in rural  Suffolk.  Her posts are full of life and beauty, often brimming with beautiful photographs that transport you into this wonderful place.


Yari Garcia Writes

Yari is an author who uses her blog to share the journey of being an Indie author to help aspiring writers know what the path is like.  She also has an array of tips and advice articles on things such as creative writing techniques and self-publishing.


Happy When Writing

Madeline is a writer and blogger who uses her blog to share content designed to inspire writers and creatives to complete their work and find happiness in their creative lifestyles.  Her content is often long-form and wonderfully detailed.


Walkin’, Writin’, Wit & Whimsy

Linda is a writer and blogger who shares her love of creativity, nature and walking in her blog.  I am always captured by the stunning photos of nature that Linda shares with us that gives us a glimpse into her world.  Her blog has inspired me to spend more time with my camera outside.

~ ~ ~

Not only are these bloggers creating and sharing awesome content, but they are all wonderfully supportive and friendly people too.

There are so many more blogs I love, so I may do another few posts like this over the months. 🙂


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39 thoughts on “10 Awesome Blogs I Want to Share

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  2. That is a fantastic list of your favorite bloggers.
    I am totally new to this blogging and am learning from bloggers and writers how To do it. I love Rachel Poli also she totally keeps things real and down to earth.
    Thanks for this blog, Ari, it is really helpful.

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad you have some new blogs to check out. Yes, Rachel’s blog is wonderful and full of genuine advice and flavoured with her friendly and approachable personality.

  3. Thank you for including my blog in this feature Ari – I am flattered and I am happy I encouraged you to get out with your camera and explore nature. You are, however, excused from exploring too much if you are still experiencing a heat wave. No melting along the nature trail please. 🙂 I’m going to explore some of these other bloggers you have included in today’s post as well. Thanks again.

    1. my pleasure, Linda. I was happy to include it.

      Yes, we have some awful muggy, breathless weather at the moment, though in a few weeks we are hoping to get out for a full day of photo taking 😀

      1. I do appreciate it Ari and I need to get back to your site (I saved that link) and visit some of the other blog sites. I’ve become very behind in Reader, struggling to keep up, and still post a few times a week – it should be better soon, but I hate behind that far behind. We have a steamy week but cool and sunny next weekend. I will plot my treks in advance. I went to an island with a natural nature preserve on Saturday and could not find anywhere to park, so it became just a drive-around, but I saw two bucks.

      2. Aww how lovely!! I only ever see deer in fields when I’m driving so never get a good look at them (not unless I want to crash!) lol

      3. Same here Ari and we have lots of car/deer crashes in rural areas come November, which is the deer mating season – they will just run right out into the road without a thought, chasing after one another, and when they do it, they crash into your car. A friend of my boss was driving home from their cabin in northern Michigan last Fall and a huge deer with big antlers crashed into their car front window and landed into the front seat. The car had to be totaled.

      4. Wow I never reallised just how bad it can be. I’ve seen a few deers in the road in my time, but never really considered how dangerous it can be as the stags can be really big.

      5. Yes, I actually avoid going to the bigger parks in rural areas because they will come out of the parks and while chasing one another are not mindful of the vehicles. The police caution drivers “don’t veer for deer!” But you likely would panic and try to swerve and end up in a ditch or plowing into another vehicle, likely a worse fate than if the deer ran at you. In the case of my boss’ friend, it was a stag and its antlers ripped up the car after it crashed through the windshield. The deer died instantly and the car was totaled – they were lucky to get out alive.

  4. Iwill have to check out some of these – and I just linked Chris the story reading ape in one my posts – because I also love his resources and variety
    – ((and I like your blog too)

    1. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy these blogs. Yes, Chris’s blog is a wonderful resource!

      Aww thank you 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

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