Get the Most out of your Social links with Linktree

I don’t know about you, but the number of places I can be found on the Internet seems to be growing. 

While I don’t do much on all my social media platforms, it can be good to have a presence.

Thankfully, my blog allows me to automatically post on some of them, keeping them active enough but without me putting in more effort (no one has time for all that!)

But this means I have a ton of links to share.  That’s where LinkTree comes in.


What is LinkTree?

Linktree is an online tool that allows you to centralise all your links.

Linktree logo

This is especially important on platforms like Instagram where the only active link you have is on your bio.  This means you have to decide which is the most important link for you to share.

Maybe that’s your blog, or your Facebook or your Amazon page.

This is frustrating, because what if you’re running a giveaway on your Facebook or in your Newsletter but your link leads to your Amazon page?

Linktree allows you to create a “tree” where your links are all stored in one place and then you can share your “LinkTree” link in your bio.



How to set up LinkTree

It takes very little to set up LinkTree.  Simply go to their website and sign up.  Once you have your account, you can start to add links.

It’s nice and clear.  A simple “Add new button/link” option and when you click that you get a section for your title and the URL.  Once these are filled it, the yellow part you on the right (see below) turns green.

Linktree New links option

From the above screenshot, you can see where I’ve put in my website URL and given it the title of Website/Blog.

The small icons you can see are mostly available in the PRO version.  These are link leaps, thumbnails, priority, scheduling and analytics.

Once you’;ve added your URLs, you can then drag and drop the sections to reorder the links how you want it.

You also have the option of adding in an avatar image and changing the colour scheme of the background.

Here’s how my Linktree looks:

Linktree tree display

Once you’ve added your links, you will be given a special URL that connects to your tree.  Simply drop this in any place you want such as a profile or email signature.

Linktree on instagram

Above, you can see how the link looks in my Instagram Bio.  Now, anyone who clicks that link will be taken to my tree of links and choose the one they want to view.


How much does LinkTree cost?

There are two pricing plans, Free and Pro.

Free is well…free and you get unlimited links which is just fab!

Linktree pricing - Free option

Pro costs $6 a month and gives you a LOT of additional options.  Now if you are a business or an influencer, this may be useful to have.

But if you just want a simple place to store all your links in one place to make things easy for your readers/followers, then you don’t really need to go further than Free.

Linktree pricing - Pro option

Linktree pricing - Pro option


A quick point

There was apparently an issue where Instagram suddenly marked all Linktree links as “spam”.

However, I don’t think that’s the case anymore and I’ve had no problems with people clicking my links via my Linktree URL.

As with anything, there can be positives and negatives.

So far, I’ve not seen any major negatives with using Linktree and since it’s free, I’m happy to give it a go and direct people to find me in all my random places on the net.

NEW slim banner-Newsletter-SMALL

Do you use Linktree?

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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29 thoughts on “Get the Most out of your Social links with Linktree

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  2. It sounds great but I’m skeptical. With all of the links in one place, what is the likelihood of cloning or hacking, someone copying them to use as their own, thus confusing followers? I’ve had my FB cloned, and several of my friends have too.
    I’ll definitely have to pray about it. It would save me a lot of time if I had them all in one place, though.

    1. Most hackers hack sites by phishing methods, keylogging, social engineering etc. These are by info gathering or implanting programs that can track things like key strokes.

      The way to protect yourself from hackers is:
      – be aware of phishing scams or fake websites that ask for details,
      – don’t share things like email addresses, phone numbers or personal data that can be used to guess passwords
      – keep personal social media profiles private and don’t accept friend requests you don’t know
      – don’t use your social media on LAN (local area network) or shared wi-fi,
      – clear your cookies every 2-3 days,
      – keep your anti-virus/Malware software updated and your firewall on,
      – keep your software up to date
      – make your passwords difficult with the use of letters, numbers and symbols and don’t make them easy to guess like kids names, pet names, fave shows/books etc.

      With anything online, you need to take the greatest of care and security with your data and your passwords and connections. If you do that, the likelihood of being the victim of hacking or spoofing is low.

      1. Thank you. If I decide to keep my blog and website I may do this, thanks to your kind advice above. Is Instagram just for photos or can it also be used for writing excerpts of a work in progress?

      2. Im glad i could help. 😊 instagram is wonderful for writers and while it is pictures you need to upload, many writers create “graphics” with dialogue or prose excerpts to share, as well as character aesthetics etc.

        I put up a mix of novel stuff, merrywriter questions and also some random personal photos, allowing ppl more of a glimpse about me the writer.

        I did s post about using Instagram. If you visit my tutorials page on my website menu, then go to social media, there is a link to my Instagram post you might find useful.

    1. Thanks for reading, glad you find it useful. I was so pleased when I learnt of Linktree as the number of links I had was just growing and growing

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    1. Thanks Michael 🙂 I have to admit I was so pleased to find Linktree, you really don’t realise how many links you have until you start filling it up. It’s nice to have them all in one place.

    1. Yay, glad you found it useful. I always love sharing new things, or even old things, as you never know who might not be aware of it. It’s definitely worth it to keep your links together and you never realise how many links you have until you start filling it up! lol

  4. I really only have my blog and… kind of Twitter, so I don’t feel like I need this, but it seems like a great resource for people like you. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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