How I Set up my New Writing Workspace

Since we moved, I’ve worked hard to get my study into a decent workspace.  After all, I run my world from this room *cue maniacal laughter*

I use this space to write my novels, work on my blog, to make lists and to run my business; both the making of items and the more admin side.

So during my hiatus, I spent some time getting my workspace in order, focusing on my most active area – the desk.


Monitor & Stand

I use a separate monitor and keyboard to stop me from hunching over my laptop screen.  I prefer a large working screen so got a second-hand monitor (size) and it’s worked great.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - Computer monitor

I just recently changed out my monitor stand.  Your eyes should be in line with the top of the monitor.

My old stand was a dark grey plastic one.  It was actually just a touch too low and also, it came from my old job and while it served me well, it had extra space that seemed to gather clutter.

I went with this new clean, stylish wood design.  The wood fits well with my desk and brightens up the place a little.

My WriterLife Series - Workstation set-up - Monitor Stand

I like it’s more compact design.  It fits my monitor and speakers fine with space beneath for my laptop to fit well.

My WriterLife Series - Workstation Set-up - Monitor Stand drawers

There are these compartments on the right.  The bottom is a drawer for smaller pieces and then the top sections are where I keep post-its, my phone, my little cow timer and a mini notepad.


Memo Board

I used to have a large corkboard.  After I realised I was just overfilling it with notes and NEVER checking it!

So I bought this lovely memo board from a Christmas market here in Northern Ireland.  The creator has an Etsy shop that you can check out here – ButtonHome.    It sits at eye line on the wall next to my monitor.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - ButtonHome Memo Board

When I get blog ideas or random “need to remember” thought, I pop them here.  I also keep my “best times” here as you can see.

And yes, despite doing Self-Assessment tax forms every year for 5 years… I still forget the dates and whether to round up or round down, hence the reminder note! :p

The rule I’ve set is I’m not allowed to overfill this so I have to check it every day and transfer the notes and ideas onto my computer taskmaster.


Wrist Rest

I’ve worked on computers most of my life and I know how damaging it can be.  So I always made sure to have a wrist rest.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - wrist rest

This keeps your wrists in line with the keyboard and stops me from getting aching wrists.

This is especially important when I do long-haul writing.  It’s a thick foam rest, very comfort.


Cordless Mouse & Keyboard

Since I use a monitor with my laptop, I need a separate keyboard and mouse.  Now, I like to keep cords to a minimum so always opt for cordless keyboards and computer mice.

My Worklife Series - Workstation set-up - wireless keyboard and mouse

These can be slotted away on my monitor stand when not in use such as when I’m using my desk space for non-computer tasks.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - shelf

While I would love to have a cordless Printer, I’m currently still using my old but reliable HP deskjet.  However, the cable is forever falling down the side of my desk.

So rather than keep jamming it inside my diary to stop it falling, I got a little cable holder so it’s always right in reach.

Photo of rubber workstation cable holder for Printer cable

No more banging my head on the underside of my desk when I go rooting for the cable.


Pens & Stationery

I use these fine nib pens (stored in a dragon plant pot) for noting in my diary, having multiple colours cheers me up.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - Coloured pens, thin nibs

I use these thicker nibbed pens (stored in my Unicorn mug that I love!!) for when I’m “tabbing” up my novel or making notes for my memo board.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - Unicorn mug holding thick nibbed coloured pens

I keep a collection of blank cards, envelopes and stamps on hand for if I needed to fire off a quick card/letter.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - greeting cards

These are kept in my wire stationery holder.  I also have glue sticks, more coloured pens (you can’t have too many), weigh scales (most of my parcels are very light so I only need a small scales set), ink pad, pencil sharpener and a hole punch.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - stionery holder

All these and the Sticky tape dispenser and stapler are always close by for when I’m sorting orders for my shop.


Knick Knacks


I have a thing for collecting stones.  I am very sensory when it comes to touch and textures, so when we go to our nearby beach and I find a stone I like, I bring it home.  My house is turning into a stone hotel.  🙂

You’ll find my collection in plant pots, on bookcases, on my desk, beside my bed.  These three are always on my desk, I even use them as paperweights.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - rocks and stones

Funko Pop

I never got hooked on the Funko Pops, which is good because I collect enough things.  However, there are some I had to get.  Two of them sit on my desk.

Smaug the dragon from The Hobbit.  He usually sits on my printer but I couldn’t get a good photo of him there.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - Funko Pop Smaug

The other Funko Pop that sits on my desk is Stitch from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.  He sits next to my speaker on my monitor stand.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - Funko Pop Stitch

I also have a few of my mini pottery pieces that I made a few years ago.  Many I sold, but I did keep a handful.  My little grey Witch and my mini rhino are the two that sit on my desk.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - pottery figurines

These small items just add a playful touch to my workspace.


The Pile

The end of my desk is designated for “The Pile”.  This is the current working stack of papers.  I don’t use a tray because I am never motivated to empty it.

My Writerlife Series - Workstation set-up - the pile of papers

Having a piece of desk given to the pile makes me want to clear through it.  I view it more as clutter and I get through it.

It does have a habit of growing faster than I like, but I’m getting better at sorting through it.



In every house, I’ve always made sure my desk was near a window and this house is no different.  I like natural light.

Unfortunately, my room gets too bright in the morning, so I have a light muslin curtain which still lets a lot of light through.

My room has two windows so I can keep my room cool by opening the one further away and not have to deal with my papers being blown everywhere.

I also have this special reflective film that keeps my room from overheating in the summer and reduces the UV rays which helps stop things from getting shaded from the sun.



I finally got myself a new chair.  The old one I had served me well, but was well over 20 years old and needed extra cushions to make it comfy.

So I treated myself to this ergonomic chair from IKEA, with a headrest, thick cushioning and a snazzy style.

My WriterLife series - Workstation set up - Desk chair

This has made such a difference.  It keeps me sitting up straight, supports my lower spine and feels nice and sturdy.

The only issue I have now is that the carpet in my room is SO thick, the damn thing won’t roll.


Hope you enjoyed this little tour around my Writing Space.

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Happy writing

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22 thoughts on “How I Set up my New Writing Workspace

  1. Pingback: The Path Of Least Resistance – Author Ari Meghlen Official Website

    1. I highly recommend it. It’s a great chair. I work a lot from this space so I’m sat down for long periods (though I make sure to stand up every 30mins) but I need a good back support and cushion. This is awesome and it’s so stylish

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I love it! Feels so much more “me.” This is technically the writing nook. The rest of the room is….er…. in progress! lol

      Eventually when it’s all organised too, I might reveal the rest 😀

  2. And I just pop my laptop on the kitchen table whenever I work at home on stuff… You look very organized, and I like the ButtonHome note board. I have a desk in a spare bedroom I planned to use, but I took up painting and now the desk is where I stage my artwork… I really need to get my stuff together as you have. Good job! Kudos to you!!! ;-)))

    1. LOL Hi Tom, that would be the plastic cat skeleton. I get random purchase moments where I see something I have to have.

      And that was in the reduced aisle after Halloween last year so I just had to have it. 😀 I’ll snap a proper photo of him tomorrow and then add it to this post. I think he deserves to be seen

      1. I have a name for the wee beastie….Oscar. He sounds like a character. Now if you had a second you could name it Felix after the Odd Couple film. If you really wanted to get macabre you could use the eye sockets as a pencil holder.

      2. I have a name for the wee beastie….Oscar. He sounds like a character. Now if you had a second you could name it Felix after the Odd Couple film. If you really wanted to get macabre you could use the eye sockets as a pencil holder.

  3. We will expect great and wonderful things from you (more so than before) with your new set-up Ari. The chair looks very comfy and stylish. I also use the wireless keyboard and mouse – my Logitech keyboard is the streamlined version as I liked that it was the same size as the laptop keyboard which I was used to and not the extended keyboard. I only started doing that recently in my quest to make my work space more ergonomic and in a small space and I have the laptop up on “blocks” though the monitor idea sounds like a good idea. In researching ergonomics, I learned the following “always line up your bellybutton with the letter B on the keyboard” – so I gave you your smile for the day. 🙂

    1. OMG the chair is amazing! I wasn’t actually going to get a new chair, trying to save money and all after the move, but when I sat in it at IKEA I was like… I NEED THIS CHAIR.

      lol I actually chose my keyboard because it was the extended version. I need the number keys at the side as when I’m doing my accounts I am fastest when I’m typing with these numbers. 😀

      Ohh I’ve not heard about lining your bellybutton to the B on the keyboard, will have to start doing that 😀

      1. I may need to think about a chair but I am at my kitchen table as it is a small house and the most “open” – I fear I’d have claustrophobia in the other rooms. I hesitated to get a new chair as I couldn’t put the plastic mat on the kitchen floor (would damage it and be a trip-and-fall hazard) so I’ve just kept this wooden chair that matches the rest of the furniture, but it is not ergonomically correct. I don’t use numbers on the keyboard, so this worked and I like the touch which is lighter and I can go like the wind (even with just nine fingers until this finger heals completely.)

        Yes, I read that and realized that at least in that respect I was ergonomically correct as my “Bs” lined up perfectly!

  4. I’m soooooo jealous right now, love how you’ve made your writing space uniquely yours! The chair though, I must have that chair! Lol
    I’m packing up and getting ready to move myself, everything’s a mess, I’m glad you’ve gotten everything squared away on your end. 😎

    1. Thanks so much. OMG I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this chair. I’ve used those normal, standard office chairs for YEARS, in both my work and at home and they were meh to say the least.

      But I got to test this new one out when I was wandering through IKEA and I just LOVED it… worth all the money it cost and my back and posture are better.

      Seriously, if you can, treat yourself. It’s awesome!

      Hope your move goes well. We moved in February and while most of the house is still not-yet-done I wanted to make sure my space was 😀

      Maybe once you move and you’re set up, we can see your space 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 Took a lot of rearranging. Normally I just chuck everything together and work with how it lands. But I wanted to make the space work for me and be more visually appealing.

      I’m glad I took extra time to get it how I wanted it.

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