July Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

Yes, it’s time I got back to my monthly goals.  Though for a little while, I’m going to keep them at a maximum of four a month.

Anything more might push me too hard while I get used to my new systems and schedules.

Last Month’s Goals

So, with the whole “I need a month off” decision, I had no goals for May and then extended that into June.

I think that was the right decision and while I get a little eye-twitchy knowing there’s a break in my blog’s consistency, I can live with it.


This month’s goals

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01 – Write 1 chapter

During May’s hiatus, I wrote nothing.

Halfway through the 2nd week, a wave of creativity swept over me and I came up with a new story idea.  That’s been brain dumped but I refrained from writing it.  Or anything else.

Even when my current novels were all chunnering at me, I ignored them.  Because if I had started writing, I’d have been swept back up into the whirlwind of “to do” all over again.

I’ve been writing small bits throughout June, but it’s taking me time to build my habit back up, so I want to start small with this goal.  Just a chapter.


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02 – Plan a Month’s Content

In June, I not only managed to plan a month ahead of blog content but actually got most of my posts written and scheduled.

Usually, I manage a week ahead for content creation, not a month.

While I would love to continue that success, I don’t want to make it a goal.

So in an effort not to overwhelm myself I am just aiming for planned content.


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03 – Go through our DVDs

For years we’ve had a pretty massive DVD collection (we are big movie lovers).  However, with all the streaming services available it’s about time to start reducing this collection.

I like the idea of having less clutter in the house and this will free up a lot of real estate in our back bedroom.

There are some I will always want to keep, but probably a lot that I won’t watch again or that are available on our streaming service.


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04 – Complete my Taxes

Ah yes, I have STILL not completed these.

The reason being is part way through the year I lapsed with my paperwork and now I have a mountain of it to get through in order to be organised enough to actually DO the taxes.

I’m also going to ATTEMPT to re-establish my online tax gateway since the last few times have failed miserably, but it’s costing me sending them through the post.

I have to send special delivery as a precaution… good thing I do as one year they claimed never to have received them and charged me a £100 penalty.

I had the signature to prove it HAD been received by them and the penalty was cancelled.


What’s your single main goal for the month?

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Happy writing

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28 thoughts on “July Goals 2019 | Monthly Goals

  1. Smaller goal lists are always better. I just got my taxes finished last week. In my case the delay was partially because of waiting for a certain document, and partially because of arranging for someone to come help me fill them out (I get a helper for free, because of being blind, which I don’t have to use, but do because then they take the paperwork with them, and I know it’s sorted properly and in their hands for sure). Anyway, good luck with your goals for the month.

    1. Thanks Victoria. Glad to hear you got your taxes completed. I always get so stressed until I can finally send them away, even though I’ve still got a few months left.

      It’s good that they give you someone to assist you and you know it’s all sorted.

    1. Thanks Galit. I made sure to actually put them somewhere visible so I didn’t forget them (like I’ve done in the past!) lol

    1. For most small businesses, our tax year runs 6th April to the 5th April. So once we pass the 5th April, we have until 31st October (if done offline) or until 31st Jan (if done online) to get them all completed and sent to HMRC.

      My online portal keeps having issues so until I can get it sorted, I do them as paper copies so have until October.

      It’s not too difficult to do once you have everything but it’s making sure you have all your receipts, purchase invoices, orders, other income statements, gift aid etc.

      Normally, I’m organised and remember to sort this stuff as and when, but things got messy last year and then with all the hospital visits in jan, then the move so I’m all over the place! lol

      And Etsy made a change that has messed me a little so I need to work out how to deal with that before I can complete them.

      1. *Looks up HMRC*

        Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs? That name’s so British it almost makes me jealous. Ours are all “Board of Revenue” or “Internal Revenue Service.” 😦

        Still, good luck! Sounds like they at least give you leeway, even if there’s a fee.

  2. These sound like solid goals! Good for you for keeping it manageable.
    This month I’m planning to assemble the research materials I need to make this second book happen, and to nail down exactly what I’m teaching next year so that I can get planning!

    1. Thanks Anne. Yes, I did have to reign myself in. When I first started writing my Goals blog post it was heading towards double figures again and I was like ACK! No! So just cut it back.

      Your goals sound like fun! I always love research 😀

    2. ooooh….. would you be interested in doing a guest post about doing research? That would be an awesome topic! Totally fine if not, just thought to ask 😀

  3. My goal is . . .
    Wait a minute, I don’t like goals. 🤔 I’m always harping on how I don’t “do” goals. 🙄

    That said, my goal for July is to relax, let loose a little and have FUN 🥳 on the vacation hubby and I have coming up in the middle of the month. We going for a do-it-ourselves spiritual retreat/get away from the house for three days at an ecology farm and spiritual retreat center run Dominican Sisters. 🙏✝️ Then will do the rest of the 9 days total that he has off back at home doing some stuff we need to get done, but hopefully in a relaxed and easy going manner.

    Lately (a year or more?) I’ve been becoming increasingly UNfun. Hubby mentioned a week or so ago that I’m becoming a fuddy-duddy and he misses the more fun and adventurous me. I miss her too. I really want to use this time out of our usual schedule to relearn how to have fun and be fun. 🥳🎈🎈🎉

    Who knows, I might even do some writing . . . 😮😉

    1. I hope you enjoy your retreat and find a way to let the fun and enjoyment come flooding back. It can be hard once we are in those moods of unfun but I’m sure you will find this break exactly what you needed to re-align yourself.

      Exactly, you could always write about your retreat experience!


  4. Wilmar Luna

    I will be honest, when the blog title hit my inbox, my gut reaction was, “Oh no…”
    And then I read the changes you’ve made and I breathed a sigh of relief. Four goals sounds much more reasonable and logical. I think it is very achievable and much healthier way to handle your workload.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. LOL I know. It may take me a while, but I do often concede when I’m overworking. I even pinned my goals on my monitor so I wouldn’t forget and have to rush to finish them at the end of the month… which has happened way more times than I’d like to admit.

      Thanks Wilmar. 😀

  5. 🙂 I believe that someone who possesses your talent should be able to write at least one chapter for the month and may you accomplish all of your goals for the month of July!

    1. I used to be able to write several but it’s been SO long since I actually wrote anything I thought it’s safer to keep it at something more manageable.

      Thanks Renard 😀

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