One Year Anniversary of #TheMerryWriter Game

If you follow me on Twitter, you will no doubt be aware that I am creator and host of #TheMerryWriter game. 

Each month I post daily questions to get writers sharing their characters and WIPs, as well as fun facts about themselves.

Well, I am just coming up the One Year Anniversary of the game πŸ™‚

Banner - One Year Anniversary of #TheMerryWriter Game. Created by Ari Meghlen. Twitter Hashtag Game.


When I Started

I thought I’d use today’s post to talk a little bit about this game I’ve been running for the last year.

I started the game back in July 2018, I already ask questions of my fellow writers – on almost all my platforms, but decided I could just make them daily prompts.

Hashtag games on Twitter have been around for ages, long before I started #TheMerryWriter.  Which by the way, took me forever to come up with.

I needed a hashtag that wasn’t already claimed.  I love that #TheMerryWriter was available and I’m so pleased it’s become a popular hashtag.

First GameBoard – July 2018

#TheMerryWriter Game Board July 2018

Second GameBoard – August 2018

#TheMerryWriter Game Board August 2018

Third GameBoard – September 2018

#TheMerryWriter Game Board September 2018

What I Learned

I learnt that running and maintaining the game was hard work.  Suddenly, I went from visiting Twitter maybe once a day to needing to be a little more plugged in.

I also learnt that people found it easier to talk about their writing and themselves when they could use these daily prompts.

I’ve had people tell me that they were shy at making friends and talking about their stories but that my questions really helped them.

These questions gave the players a focus and allowed them to consider other things about their writing they didn’t always realise.

Fourth GameBoard – October 2018 (Genre Edition)

#TheMerryWriter Game Board October 2018 - Genre Edition

Fifth GameBoard – November 2018

#TheMerryWriter Game Board November 2018

Sixth GameBoard – December 2018

#TheMerryWriter Game Board December 2018

Changes I Made

The first change I made was getting help.  After the first game I launched was a massive hit, I realised I could do with some assistance.

My good friend and fellow writer, Rachel Poli was happy to join the game as my co-host.  Two people creating questions made things a lot easier.

She shared the questions too, reaching her own followers and helped out with interacting with all the players.

The second change I made was adding in Break Days, something I’ve noticed has been cropping up in other people’s hashtag games, so we may have started a trend πŸ˜€

Originally, the break days just gave me and Rachel a little breathing space so we didn’t have to be on Twitter every day.  However, even the players found it useful, as the break days were used to catch up questions they’d missed.

Seventh GameBoard – January 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board January 2019

Eigth GameBoard – February 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board February 2019

Ninth GameBoard – March 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board March 2019

Making Connections

One of my favourite things from this game, has been making connections.  It was the main reason I started.

I saw many writers complaining that they struggled to make connections within the writing community.

So I was happy when this game brought people together.  They would reply to each others answers, share them, discuss them.  I saw friendships created and support given.

I met hundreds of new writers who shared their WIPs with me and found new books I will be excited to get when they come out.

I have made an incredible collection of friends and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Tenth GameBoard – April 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board April 2019

Eleventh GameBoard – May 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board May 2019

Twelfth GameBoard – June 2019

#TheMerryWriter Game Board June 2019

The Future Of #TheMerryWriter

I don’t know how long #TheMerryWriter will run for.  We still get new players every month, so I’m happy to know it’s still being enjoyed by people.

So far I am still enjoying creating this game, though it does take a lot out of me.  I’m just so pleased it reached the 1 year mark.

If you are on Twitter and haven’t played the game, do pop over.  Simply follow myself or Rachel and you’ll get notifications when the questions go up daily.

Thanks to Everyone who has played the game.  You have made it so much fun!

Happy writing

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11 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of #TheMerryWriter Game

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    1. Thanks Lorraine. I know, right!? I can’t believe I managed to keep it going and come up with all these questions (though thankfully, I don’t have to do it alone as Rach helps with question ideas too) πŸ™‚

    1. Well, now you are πŸ˜€ Feel free to join in. I run it mainly on Twitter but I do also post the questions on Instagram. Though the community is definitely more on Twitter.

    1. I know what you mean, I became much more active on Twitter with the game and I’ve met so many wonderful writers and I love hearing from people who tell me that the questions really made them think deeper about their WIPS πŸ™‚

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