June 2019 Round-up: Awesome articles I want to share

Every last Monday of the month I give space to do a Round Up Shout Out to some awesome blogs and bloggers I really enjoyed


The Red Cross: “In War, Charity” by Anne Clare


7 Tell tale signs of a Desperate Blogger by Renard’s World


How to write abstractions as metaphorical physicality by Raimey Gallant


3 Easy Steps to creating Awesome Character Arcs by Madeline Bartson


3 Brutal Truths about being an Indie Author by Eli Hinze


A Quick History of British Slang by Notes from the UK

Colouring the World by Sue Vincent


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Happy writing

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Banne - June 2019 Round Up: Awesome Articles I want to Share

7 thoughts on “June 2019 Round-up: Awesome articles I want to share

  1. “7 tell tale signs of a desperate blogger” was great. XD. I also always wonder how people even have time to write soooo many blog posts (like once every day? Really??) Where do they find all this time??? Sometimes I’m scraping just to get one done for the week.

    1. I know what you mean. I post twice a week and then feature a guest post once or twice a week so at least that way other people are writing the posts! But I’m impressed anyone can post every day but when they post several times in one day, then I get overwhelmed.

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