A brand spanking new layout!

If you’ve visited me before, you may have noticed that I have given my ol’ blog a brand spanking new facelift.

I felt it was time to give it a polish and try something new.

But why are you posting?  It’s still May!

I used this week to ease off my hiatus ready for returning fully tomorrow.  So this is just a mini post to say a quick hi and also to say, please bear with me regarding this new layout.

Not only did I change the theme, but I have also amended the blog post style and layout and am making changes to some of my pages so things may appear and disappear randomly.

I’m also still getting used to the new features and trying to find basic things that are now in a different place.

Please hang in there while I figure things out.

I’ll be back fully on Monday with a new blog post.  See you all then x


Happy writing

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9 thoughts on “A brand spanking new layout!

    1. Thanks Bryan. I’m just a little behind on comments and checking other people’s blogs. I need to get back into that. We’ve had some changes in schedules that messed me up but hopefully things are re-settling and I can get back to my systems 😀

    1. Aww thank you so much, Jaya. Your comment really made my day.

      I was really worried everyone would be like “Nope, we hate it, we prefer the old look” lol. But I really love how this looks now and I have had my old layout for like 5 years so I did feel it was ready for a change.

    1. Awww yay, thanks so much, Pearl. I spent soooo long looking for the right theme, some to a few other bloggers and then spent ages on the Customiser messing with it before I actually activated it.

      If you want to make a change to your website, I recommend doing a lot of planning – break it down into sections : Theme & layout, Pages, Graphics, Categories etc.

      Then block off several days or a week and just make what I call, the foundation changes – theme, colour scheme, layout first.

      Good luck

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