Why it’s Super Important to do a Reset Sometimes

How often do you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day? 

We cram our days full of chores, work, errands, family, projects not to mention sleeping, eating, etc and if we’re lucky we managed to find some time to chill or do fun activities.

Well, recently I’ve felt like all I do is work.  Housework, business work, paperwork, blog work, marketing work… and it’s been getting me down.

When that happens, I usually try and step back and take stock.  So here’s me…stock taking.


Time for a Step Back

When I was younger I used to have a bad habit of working myself up with all the things I “needed” to do.  Turns out, many of them weren’t needs.  In fact, I could have just stopped doing them and been happy.

Ahh hindsight, always so helpful at pointing things out late.

Nowadays when I start to find myself getting overwhelmed I take a step back.  Which is what I’ve been “trying” to do.  You may have noticed a lack of responses to comments, a decrease in my social media presence, etc.

I do this to keep myself sane.  To keep myself from burning out and also to let me re-evaluate what’s important in my life.


Taking Stock of Life

I had a birthday not that long ago.  I don’t really celebrate my birthday and I don’t share it.  But they just keep happening and it’s hard not to look back over the year and think about everything I’ve done and everything I failed to do.

And yes, I’m one of those people who scrutinise all the failures and beat myself up over and over.  So healthy! *sarcasm*

What I did notice is how much time some things have been taking.  Whether it’s blogging, social media, work, chores, etc.  Things feel like they’ve lost a bit of their efficiency.  Most noticeably in the last three months.

Not really a surprise; illness, family crises and a house move will do that.



When things we don’t normally deal with (eg a house move) pop up, they can throw a real spanner in the works, sometimes the whole toolkit!

It puts everything back, delays us, messes up deadlines as well as sapping energy and motivation.  This has been happening, leaving me in a pretty foul mood.

Like this blog.  I have always loved this blog, but recently, I’ve not.  I’ve been seeing it as a chore and that was worrying.  I never want this to become a chore.  I love sharing my thoughts, my advice and connecting with others.

But even fun things can sour when we are struggling with lack of time, no energy and a boat-load of stress.

Large cruise ship photo from Pixabay



<—- This boat!




So I’m doing a reset. 

This is where I strip everything back again.  I clear the chessboard and reset the pieces.

This is important as it allows me to see clearly (now don’t go bursting into song!)   If you don’t clear away everything first, you can’t really see what is bogging you do.

Something that slipped the net, was my Task Blocking Schedule that worked so well for me.  Since the beginning of the year that flew out the window and it has been a noticeable absence.

The first thing I will do with my reset is re-establish that schedule.  I also want to give myself the weekends back.  I’ve been working almost 7 days a week on something and having the odd chill day.

That’s not healthy so I need to reclaim my weekends for more fun activities that are not connected to my Writing, my Business, my Blog or any marketing project.


Clawing Back Leisure Time

It only hit me how little actual leisure time I get, when I was visiting my brother.  He’s a full-on tech-head and has a room for his VR which he’s had for years.

I got to play several awesome games including Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer and The Lab all of which I totally loved.  It’s been a while since I just played computer games.

Woman lying in a meadow, relaxing.  Picture from PixabayNot to mention I’ve not been to the park for ages.

Not taken any new nature photos or visited any landmarks for a long while.

I’ve not just stopped and enjoyed “being” in nature.

Following the move we don’t do archery or pottery any more (can’t really afford to now we have a house to pay for) so that void gets filled with, you guessed it, more work.

I’m quite a bad person for leisure time as I can get caught up with feelings of “I should be doing x” or “there are x things I haven’t completed yet”.  That’s not a good attitude to have so that will also need to be worked on.


What’s Important

A reset will also let me confirm that everything that’s on my plate is actually important and the most important things, get top priority attention.

I also need to make sure leisure is considered “top priority” otherwise I’ll probably just forget it.  Same goes for exercise which has dropped off the list recently.

NEW slim banner-Newsletter-SMALL

New Schedule

One thing I actually started in March was giving each month an overarching project.  March was Video Month.  Because I was tired of bouncing “launch a video” goal to a new month each time I failed to complete it.

So instead I joined a challenge, created a list of steps to get me to the end and made March’s “whale-of-a” Task – Video.

And you know what?  I did it! 

Despite some family crises, despite travelling back to England for 5 days, I managed to complete the slides and (awful) voice recordings and launch my very first Skillshare Class – How to Create an Author Website.

Yes, it might be terrible.  Yes, people might not enjoy it.  But I did it.  I’m proud of myself for that and I find when I actually start something, it’s easier to carry it on.  So doing another class or doing a  Youtube video will be a lot easier now.

Next Month’s ‘Whale’

humpback whale, marine life, sea creature by PixabayApril’s “Whale-of-a” Task is Business Experiments.

My business has grown pretty well over the years, especially as I don’t do as much marketing as I should.

However, I want to boost it a little and to do that I need to experiment with ideas for new products, SEO changes, marketing techniques.

So I have set myself a number of experiments I need to run that can be tracked.  This will allow me to make better decisions, reach a bigger audience and stay ahead as the platform I run on makes (yet more) changes.

Sometimes it’s good to take these reset moments, to make sure you’re still on track, make sure you’re not wasting precious time on things that are no longer worth it.

Have you ever done a reset?

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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Why it's super important to do a reset sometimes. Image of a blank chessboard

24 thoughts on “Why it’s Super Important to do a Reset Sometimes

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  2. Yes, I find this difficult too, Ari. Juggling social media with writing, volunteering and painting, fitting everything in. And I blame myself when I haven’t gotten outdoors for some exercise, for example, when I’ve being prioritising editing my novel or other things that I’ve consciously put first instead. I put too much pressure on myself and can feel so lacking. It’s sooo frustrating! And when you work from home, other people can think you’re not doing much at all!! And then there’s the housework, which comes last on my list ;>)

    My only recent helping strategy has been to do a blog post once every two weeks, instead of weekly, and check on others blogs at the same rate. The rest of social media has me dipping into it in the morning, like now for instance, doing what I can. I too don’t want it to become a chore. I have met some fascinating and like-minded people through it who I really value, and casting my ‘net’ wider has been the right thing to do in so many valuable ways.Like everything else in life, it seems to come down to getting the balance right, and telling myself I’m doing the best I can.

    Brilliant post, Ari, and great sharing!

  3. I often burn out, it’s the cause-effect part of having Complex PTSD. But I no longer beat myself up over pulling away from my commitments, I know in the long run it will keep me mentally stable.
    And no more talking down about your achievements, your Skillshare video is amazing and people will love it. 💕

    1. I’m glad you don’t beat yourself for doing what is necessary. Burn out is awful and I feel social media can make it happen a lot quicker.

      I have to say, I feel like even though I’m not on social media in extreme measures like some writers I know, that it’s strill taking over my life a little and I really need to get a handle on it.

      I spend too much time on SM and rarely any writing these days. I lost my balance due to all the crazy stuff happening in my personal life, but I need to sort that balance back out because this is unsustainable.

      lol aww thanks Lorraine, okay,, I will try to be more positive. 🙂

  4. I think a lot of people are starting to get burnt out on “keeping up”. Keeping up with blogs, newsletters, social media and social media and . . . well . . . social media. Oh! And occasionally making time to actually write on their WIP. I don’t know who decided that we all need to be in constant contact with every person in the world who has ever come into contact with us, but it has gotten well out of hand for many of us who, for whatever reason, aren’t high-energy people and find it exhausting to attempt to keep up.

    I agree with S.R. Severn: “. . . other people’s voices are too overwhelming. They aren’t in a slump, so when I see them getting on with their projects (something I’m not in the headspace to do currently), it honestly bogs me down.”

    I’ve been in a slump for so long that it’s become my normal and I’ll be totally taken by surprise if what used to be my normal creative life ever starts up again. After so much time like this, it is hard to read the blogs, posts, et al of the people who are swimming right along – waving to them as they go freestyling on by. 🏊‍♀️ It’s hard to think of stuff to post or blog when you feel you’re sitting on the dock and you’ve nothing of interest to talk about because you’re no longer even in the water, let alone in the race. (rat race or otherwise).

    I totally hope you’re reset resets you, Ari! 😃❤️

    1. You are so right, Pearl. When you start listing all the things we run (blogs, websites, social media, newsletters) then all the things we follow (blogs, newsletters, updates, RSS feeds, social medias, podcasts, videos, forums) you start realising that it can take over too much.

      I am definitely feeling that at the moment. I feel like I’m fire-fighting all the time, and spending more time visiting social media and reading emails than actually WRITING.

      S.R.Severn is right, it can be disheartening to see other people chugging along seemingly doing everything and more while others struggle to maintain the basics.

      I’m sorry you are feeling that way, it has such a knock-on effect that when you’re in a slump, it’s hard to get out, that then affects the motivation for everything else and soon you just feel like you’re stood still while everyone is racing ahead.

      I feel like I’m always busy, always doing SOMETHING and making very little headway. I have more time now than ever since I work from home and yet I seem to be able to do LESS than when I worked a full time job, a part time job and was doing a part time degree as well.

      I also feel we are so busy doing what’s expected “producing content, following and retweeting etc” that we have no time to just connect with friends and fans alike. To just chitchat, not about anything important.

      I used to be chatting to people on Facebook messenger, it was fun. Now everyone’s so busy and I’m so busy, I’ve not done that in months. It can become very isolating. 😦

      I’m always here if you want to chat, on messenger, on email.

  5. I can totally relate. Many people say the same about blogging. I definitely feel it periodically. But I like writing too much. So I keep going.

    This past weekend was nice. I relaxed a bit, did fun things, and didn’t “work”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to always be possible. With full-time work outside the house, the weekends are for work inside the house. Add blogging on top of that, and you realize you ran out of time.

    Push that reset real hard and hold it for a few seconds.

    1. lol I know what you mean, there seriously are not enough hours in the day. I started by removing chores, like ironing. I can live without that 😀

  6. I really resonated with this blog post. Resetting is exactly what I feel I need to do. I’ve taken a break from social media because I feel that on too of my own voice, other people’s voices are too overwhelming. They aren’t in a slump, so when I see them getting on with their projects (something I’m not in the headspace to do currently), it honestly bogs me down. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who feels overworked and stressed with life. Thanks for the blog post Ari x

    1. Hey Sab, thanks so much for reading. Yes, I think many of us are feeling it now. I took a step back from Twitter but now I’m so far behind with notifications I’m struggling to get BACK to replying and in my normal groove. Lol why can’t I be rich enough to employ an assistant to do all this 😀

      I’m glad you were able to take a break from social media, don’t let yourself get too bogged down and know I’m always here if you need to just chat or vent, feel free to email me *hugs*

  7. I think I need to push the reset button too Ari … I thought the end of the week would never get here and I just despise that the weekend goes so quickly. I love blogging and the interaction but it has snowballed and taken over some days. I am hoping this warm and sunny weekend (finally) will provide a long trek, air out my brain and give me a better disposition. Kudos to you for getting away and taking a deep breath.

    1. I completely know what you mean, Linda. I find especially, we have so little leeway to step away. With blogging, with social media because it all just builds up. Comments and emails and suddenly, that break we took is followed by a hurried mess of trying to get back into the groove.

      A reset is good for finding out balance. I hope you manage to do a reset and find your centre. 🙂

      1. Thank you Ari – I sure am going to try. No matter where I spend my time, I am apt to get behind somewhere else. Trying to catch up with friends on e-mail, I feel I abandon something else … I have to set parameters and should have done so at the get-go when I began getting followers and following back. The first 4 1/2 years with my blog, I had just a handful of e-mail subscribers – that was easy. Then blogging took off in a big way and has spun out of control in some respects.

      2. I think many of us are feeling that, the overwhelm, the limited time to do everything required online just to stay “present”

        It can be very wearing.

      3. Yes it can and ultimately you’ll fail at getting it all done anyway. I am trying to shut down earlier at night, rather than try to catch completely up with everything on a daily basis. One we’re retired, we’ll be more timely.

    1. Thanks for reading. lol good point, though I see it more of a reseting of the gameboard. So as long as I make the decision to put the pieces back on the board, it should be ok 😀

  8. Such good advice to assess regularly –
    And sometimes a band will reset after they start a song (like if wrong key )
    And we need to in life – hope
    Your reset period is fruitful

    1. Thanks for reading. Yes, it’s always good to assess where we are and what we want to do regularly. I find without doing that, I can fall into a rut and end up stagnating. It’s very refreshing to shake things up.

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