March Round-up: 5 cool articles I want to share

It’s the last Monday of the month so it’s time for a quick Round-Up of articles from other bloggers that I have enjoyed this month.



Public Lending Right UK – Stevie Turner


Series Bible: What To Include And Why Writers Should Have One – K M Allan


Layering Character for Believable Fiction – Writers Helping Writers


I wrote the Greatest Prologue Ever – A Crack in the Pavement

How to Plan a Productive Week in Less Than 30 Minutes // 3 Steps To Making Time for ALL Your Writing Goals – Madeline Bartson


Please check out these wonderful blog articles and posts.  If you like them, reblog them, share the love with your followers.



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Happy writing

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March Round up: 5 cool articles I want to share.  Image from Pixabay


15 thoughts on “March Round-up: 5 cool articles I want to share

    1. My pleasure, Madeline. I loved your article and even read it a few times as I think I may be implementing much of your ideas. You are so organised! I lvoe it

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