Interview with Writer A. N. Jones

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another guest post!

Today I welcome the lovely A.N. Jones to my blog to do an interview, she is the author of Patrons of Earth Trilogy.  Enjoy!

Interview with writer A N Jones

Q01 When did you decide you wanted to become a writer?

I guess I kind of always knew I wanted to write.  When I was in grade school I loved creating stories of all sorts.

Then in college, I grew serious about it and wrote my first book in between classes and homework assignments.  After that book, I realized I couldn’t live without writing.

Q02 – How did family and friends react when you told them you wanted to be a writer?

My parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams.  Some of my friends couldn’t understand my fascination with writing – until they read what I’d done.

It’s been a bumpy road for me and I nearly stopped writing all together about 8 years ago.  That’s when I lost my editor, my mom, to a severe heart attack.  She was vacationing in another country when it happened so I never even got to say goodbye.

After her passing, I had an incredibly hard time even thinking about writing.  Picking up a pen and notebook made me feel sick to my stomach.

After a few months though, I realized she wouldn’t want me to give up on my dreams.  Somewhere within me, I found the strength to pick up a pen again.  Since that time I’ve written (and self-published) 3 more books.

Q03 –Do you use any specific writing software when drafting your manuscripts? 

I’m old school.  When I’m working on my first (and rough) draft I use a pen and paper.  Due to medical reasons, I can’t spend a great deal of time on a computer (my limit is an hour per session).

I also find my creativity flow better through the feel of the ink gliding across the paper (I only ever use notebooks with recycled paper)

After the first draft (or sometimes during), I input everything into the computer.  Up until recently, I’ve used Open Office (which has all the same features as Word but it’s free).  Now, for my newest project, I’m tackling Scrivener.

So far I’m in love with this software!  It not only creates a “binder” for your project but it lets you choose what kind of project you’re working on, gives you character bio sheets, location description sheets, and more.

Everything is at your fingertips and easily accessible!  I’ve had it for PC for a long time and have now downloaded it for my I-Devices.  I do recommend starting your project on the PC first then moving to your device.

The reasoning for this is so that you have all the proper sections available to you.  When you start on your device you don’t get character sheets or anything, just a place for your manuscript.

Q04 – Do you have a writing routine?

I’m not sure I’d call it a routine or not… I ensure I have at least 2 hours a day set aside for writing.  If it’s a morning session then I sit in our front room, in my mom’s old chair, and just write.

If it’s an afternoon session I still sit in the same room but on the couch with something on the tv – a movie or tv show that is good for either what I’m working on or just for background noise.

I can’t write when someone else is in the room with me.  I used to be able to but I find now I get too easily distracted.

Q05 – What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Editing.  Definitely the editing.  As this was done by my mom, I haven’t had the heart or strength to try and find a new editor.  Plus I can’t afford one.  As a result, I self-edit.  It’s hard only emotionally though.

I find I’m my own worst critic so when I do it… it’s like taking a sword and plunging it through the very heart of the story, trying to kill it.  If it survives, then I know it’s quite possibly worthy of being published.

If it doesn’t survive then, well, it either gets a complete overhaul or it gets tossed to a corner where it will be forgotten while I work on something else.

Q06 –From your writing, who is your all-time favourite character and why?

Oh, what a question to ask!  I have many favourites but I guess my all-time would have to be the one I’m currently working on for my spy novel.  She’s a badass female with incredible weapons and hand to hand combat skills.

I’m not the type of woman who’s like that.  I’m not brave in the face of danger.  I suppose I chose her because she’s everything I’m not.

Q07 – Are there any genres you would never write?

Horror.  Without a doubt.  I can’t even read horror stories.  Or watch horror movies for that matter.  The mere thought of writing one literally sends a chill down my spine.

Q08 – What fun things do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Well, now there’s a tough question!  I don’t really have spare time.  When I’m not writing I’m usually either working, cleaning, cooking, or something else.  I do like watching movies though.

I also love online games. Specifically Lord of the Rings Online and Knights of the Old Republic.

I haven’t played them in a while though as I’ve been hyper-focused on my newest projects (I have 3 in the works – two I plan to pitch to agents and publishers while the third will be self-published.

Q09 – If you had to choose one of your characters to be your avatar in a fighting game, who would you pick?

Grymaetu – hands down.  She’s a mythical white tiger I created for Raging Land and her birth was thanks to two Ancient Greek Gods.

She’s huge, strong and graceful.  There’s not much that can take her down (if anything!)

Q10 –What is the last book you read?

Candlemaking for Dummies… I’m going to be starting a candlemaking/soap making/bath bomb making business on the side.  Not that I don’t already have a lot to do!

Q11 – Are there any authors you would love to meet in person?

I’ve already met one of my all-time favourites, Philippa Gregory.  But I would have loved to have met J. R. R. Tolkien.

Q12 – What is the best piece of advice you could give to new writers?

Patience is key.  You can’t rush anything in the process.  Except maybe your first draft.  If one door slams shut in your face just remember somewhere there is another one opening and it’s just waiting for you to find it.

~ ~ ~ ~

About A. N. Jones

Author A N JonesA. N. Jones is a Canadian author who still resides in the country she loves and was raised in. She lives in Ontario. She’s passionate about family, dogs, and writing.

A self-published author of:

  • Churning Depths (available on
  • Raging Land (available on Amazon)
  • Incoming Tyde (available on Amazon)
  • Tydes of Change (available on Amazon)

She has degrees in both Law and Security and Cyberspace Security (with honours) as well as 3+ years experience as a security guard.

She also volunteered with the Safety Village and participated in an internship with Human Resources (both accomplished at the headquarters for a local police force).

When not writing, you can find her spending time with her dad and her beloved dog.

Twitter   |   Facebook   |   Goodreads   |   Website (under construction)

Raging Land

Book cover Raging Land by author A N JonesDoctor Kieran Dedrick, an Archaeologist, is about to depart on the adventure of a lifetime. Contacted by Doctor Julieta Ostrow for assistance on a dig, he realizes his lifelong dream is coming true. To visit and document Pompeii.

But things aren’t what they seem. Mystery, adventure and more are about to reveal themselves to the pair. Who knows where it will lead them!

When Vesuvius erupts suddenly, throwing the whole area into chaos, friendships are tested as are survival skills.

The threads of history as we know it are about to unravel. And Kieran’s life is about to undergo an incredible change.

This is Book 2 of the “Patrons of Earth” Trilogy!

Amazon Author Page

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Big thanks to A. N. Jones for being today’s guest, I hope you enjoyed her answers to these interview questions as much as I did.

Please check out her links and if you have any questions for her, please leave them in the comments below.

Happy writing

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Writer A. N. Jones

  1. A. N. Jones

    Probably through Etsy but right now I’m focused solely on bathbombs and now a paw balm for dogs (which will be sold through my canine massage therapy business)

    1. A. N. Jones

      We’ll see how it goes lol… right now I’m going to focus more on soaps and bathbombs as they are safer to make (soaps will end up being melt and pour as I don’t feel safe handling lye!). I hadn’t thought of it as a story tool though… that could indeed come in handy…

      Oh no… another story idea… I have so many on the burner now! Lol!

    2. Thanks for reading, as a candlemaker myself it is a lot of fun though can get frustrating when things go wrong and you end up with candle grease all over

      1. A. N. Jones

        Now you’re scaring me lol… I’ve just started the bathbomb processes and am getting there… soap is next and candles will end up being seasonal due to scent allergies so I’ll need to have the windows open

      2. lol don’t be scared. Candle-making is so much fun, though do make sure you cover all surfaces, I could never understand how I got candle grease in places I hadn’t even been! lol. Also, small point If you ship candles in height of hot summer to really hot states/countries, they can actually start to melt. Especially if postal workers leave them on porches or in mail boxes. Such a pain!

        I think it’s great you are pursuing this business. Where will you be selling, your own website or a platform, like Etsy?

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