Interview With Author Andrew McDowell

It’s Wednesday!  So that means time for another guest post.

Today I welcome back author and good friend of mine, Andrew McDowell who has shared his advice with us before. 

Andrew has generously given his time to do an author interview.  Check out his answers below 🙂


Q01 – When did you decide you wanted to become a writer?

I had fancied about pursuing writing since I was eleven, but it wasn’t until I was thirteen that I began taking it more seriously.

The more passion and commitment I poured into my work, the more I knew I wanted to get published.

Q02 – Are there any authors who inspire you?

There are authors who inspire me in terms of what they’ve accomplished, especially if they’ve struggled in life, such as J. K. Rowling and Stephen King. Their passion and persistence in writing raised them to where they are today.

Q03 – What is your long-term goal for your writing?

I want to continue writing novels. There are many genres I want to try my hand at. I’m also interested in writing for the stage and screen, though I want to have written some more novels published before I venture into screenwriting.

Q04 – Your book Mystical Greenwood recently published, are you working on a new book?

Yes, I’ve got a number of ideas for different projects. Right now the next two on the list are the sequel to Mystical Greenwood, and a contemporary novel about pets (specifically dogs) that are neglected and abused.

Q05 – Do you use any specific writing software when drafting your manuscripts?

I use Microsoft Word. It’s always worked well for me, and I’ve learned through experimentation how to format manuscripts better.

Q06 – Do you plan your stories or just leap into the writing?

It’s sort of a combination, but I tend to lean towards the latter. I’m not one to extensively map out plots, especially when I’m working on the first draft.

But I do keep some plot points in my head, and a little mental mapping sometimes comes towards the end as I’m finalizing the plot.

Q07 – Do you have a writing routine?

I wish. I’ve had to balance writing with other things in my life, including college and work.

So I write when I can, and I keep a journal to jot down ideas whenever they come to me. But it isn’t always easy to do.

Q08 – What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?

I tend to be cynical, so I have to try and maintain confidence in myself. It’s also hard for me to know when to stop sometimes, especially when I’m editing and revising.

Q09 – Would you ever want to see your book as a movie?

That would certainly be wonderful, but only if I have enough power in the filmmaking process to ensure the adaptation is both faithful and well done.

Q10 – What is the single best piece of advice you could give to new writers?

It would have to be the advice my Dad gave me: the important thing to always remember is to tell a story and tell it well.

Q11 – Are there any authors you would love to meet in person?

There are many. Probably the top four would be J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, Dan Brown, and Brad Meltzer.

If I could travel back in time, there are many more writers I’d love to meet. The top two would be Shakespeare and Dickens.

Q12 – Tells us why you love writing

Writing gives me a purpose in life beyond normal things. It gives me the drive to do something more with my life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About Andrew

Author Andrew McDowellAndrew McDowell wanted to be a writer since he was a teenager.

He studied at St. Mary’s College, and the University of Maryland for grad school.

He is a member of the Maryland Writers’ Association and an associate nonfiction editor with the literary journal JMWW.

He has also written and published poetry and creative nonfiction.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Tumblr


Mystical Greenwood (Book 1 of One with Nature)

Book cover Mystical Greenwood by Andrew McDowellDermot is a fifteen-year-old boy living in the land of Denú who has always longed for something more in life.

His life changes when he encounters a gryphon and a mysterious healer.

Drawn into a conflict against one determined to subjugate the kingdom, Dermot and his brother Brian are forced to leave their home.

A legendary coven must now reunite, for they are Denú’s greatest hope.

In the course of meeting unicorns and fighting dragons and men in dark armor, Dermot discovers a deep, sacred magic which exists within every greenwood he crosses through, but his own role in this conflict is greater than he suspects.

Can he protect those he loves, or will all that’s good be consumed by darkness?

Publisher: Mockingbird Lane Press

Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Nook:

Amazon | B&N | BAM! | Deviant ArtGoodreads | | Foyles

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Big thanks to Andrew for taking time out to do this interview.  Please check out his links and if you have any questions for Andrew, please drop them in the comments below.

Happy writing

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Interview with author Andrew McDowell.  Image:  Speechbubbles

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  1. Nice interview. I agree with you about turning your book into a movie. How many times have I said to myself, “The book was better”. Then again, now that TV is getting into making series and miniseries, I might not mind that route.

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