Technical issues

EDIT sorry the article is not coming today, duè to more vet trip and yet another sleepless night, I’m not functioning well enough to rewrite it.

I’ll get it sorted and add it back into my article queue.  Thanks for all your support and understanding. Xx

It appears today’s article didn’t save properly, which was why only my draft version notes published… also at the wrong time and on the wrong date.  Could it be any more messy!!

Normally, I double check everything however, my cat had to go into surgery and I’ve been dealing with her after care…. and so this got away from me.

Sorry about that. I will try and get the article re-written and uploaded tomorrow.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.



21 thoughts on “Technical issues

  1. So sorry to hear about your senior kitty needing surgery, but glad to hear that she’s doing well at home now. It is very hard to keep a cat from jumping! 😻 Hope all goes well with her – and you!


    • She came out of surgery ok, which was an initial worry as she was under full anaesthetic and she’s 17 years old. Now’s it all aftercare and waiting for the results. 😓
      Thanks for your kind words

    • Thanks Ratha, she is doing better but she’s not allowed to jump as it can rip out her stitches…, very hard to stop a cat from jumping do it’s like 12 hour supervision.

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