October Round-up: 10 awesome articles I want to share

What’s this!?  A Monday post that’s not Marketing?  Don’t worry, I promise Monday Marketing will be back next week.  However, I decided to shake things up a bit.

The last Monday of each month will be a Round-up of articles I have enjoyed during the month.

There are so many awesome blogs and writers out there, I want to share some of those with you each month.

5 More Outlining Methods for your Novel


Einstein’s Inspiration Quotes for Writers


What Made Me Decide to Dive Into a Deep Revision


Bad Writers vs Great Writers


The Dos & Don’ts of Handling Bad Feedback


5 Web Tags to Keep Open While Writing


Believe in your Writing and Yourself


5 Things you can Get Away with as a New Writer


How to Beat Writers Blog 5 Tips that Help


6 Tips on How to Conquer your First Draft

I really hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did.  Pop back on Wednesday when there’ll be a new guest poster.

~ ☆ ~

Happy writing

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October 2018 Round-up: 10 awesome articles I want to share


14 thoughts on “October Round-up: 10 awesome articles I want to share

  1. YariGarciaWrites

    Thanks so much for sharing my blog! 💕 I truly appreciate it and I am happy that you found it helpful 😊

    Many hugs,

  2. Oh, Ari! Thank you so, so much for the share! 🙌
    I’m thrilled you enjoyed reading my article on writer’s block. Thank you.

    Let me go read those nine other awesome articles you mentioned now. 🏃

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