9 Important Things To Consider Regarding Social Media

This will be the last post in my mini Social Media Series.  I covered the platforms I currently use.  I hope you enjoyed this series and found it helpful.

Also, since I am in my busy period re my business, I am stopping any Thursday posts for the rest of this year.  However, Thursday posts will be back in January. 🙂

The Social Media Series: 9 Important things to consider regarding social media. Image: Social media icons


Consistency is Key

This will always be a big point.  Whether it’s blogging or posting on social media, you have to be consistent.  People need to know what to expect.  Don’t post every day for three months then vanish for two.

Try and build up a consistency you can work with.  If that’s posting just twice a week on Facebook, do that.

Stick with what you can manage and later when you’re able, try and increase it at least to the recommended minimum for each social media platform.


Target The Right People

Photo of a target with a dart in the bullseye

Always make sure to identify your target audience dependant on the platform you are using.  Certain ages, genders etc are often drawn to different platforms.

If you write YA, for example, your target audience will be better found on Snapchat or Twitter, not LinkedIn.

Save yourself the time and effort by making sure you are using each social media platform-specific to your target.

Learn to understand your audience so you can share great, relevant content with them.


Content Matters

Don’t just throw anything onto your social media.  Take the time to think about what you want to say, who your audience is and consider who you are.  Share some parts of yourself but do so with care.

Make sure your content has some quality. Don’t just spam people’s feeds with 30 photos of your cousin’s wedding just because you have them.

The good thing about being writers is that people really are interested in the person behind the words.  They want to know pieces about you.

But be restraint, don’t share everything and remember that if you use social media as your writer-self, that it’s at least partly a business and you should treat it as such.  So think carefully about what you share and what that can reflect back on your


Sharing is Caring

Make sure you take the time to share other people’s content.  There are some great articles, blogs, photos etc out there.  Show people, you care about what they create and spread that love around.

If you want people to consider sharing your content, you should lead by example and share other people’s.

Whenever I come across interesting or thought-provoking articles, I add them to the list.  This means I have a URL for if I want to re-read the article and I also use this list to pull content from for sharing.

For those who follow me on Twitter, I love sharing blog articles I find with my followers.


Don’t forget Resharing

As well as sharing other people’s content, consider re-sharing your own.  On Twitter you can share content every few hours as the feeds move so fast, people do miss things.  So it’s common for people to retweet their content several times within a week.

On Facebook, it’s recommended that if you want to reshare content, leave it a week before you do.  Never share the same content in a row.

For Pinterest, you can share content by pinning the same content to different boards.  So for example, this article could be shared in a Social Media board, or a Marketing Tips board or a How to Gain more Exposure board.


The Numbers

Cluster of numbers

Now there is nothing wrong with tracking your numbers after all this data is often used to help make strategic decisions. However, where it falls down is if we get hooked on Number-Watching.

Don’t stress about the number of followers you have, the number of likes you received etc.  Use your numbers for tracking patterns, creating strategies and testing what works.

Don’t get too hung up about getting more followers than X or stressing if Y number of people have unfollowed you.

Also, don’t fixate on how many other people have.  Don’t turn this into a popularity contest.  You do you and let everyone else worry about themselves.


The Power of Hashtags

Many platforms can use hashtags such as Twitter and Instagram and a few on Facebook.  So take the time, once a month, to research hashtags that are connected with your brand.

Not sure how to do it?  Use the website Hashtagify to help you find strong, trending, successful hashtags.



Close up of a calendar.

Maybe you are tired of me harping on about scheduling.  But I seriously can’t mention it enough!  So many people tell me how they struggle with social media, that they can’t always find the time to do all the posting and tweeting.

Take the stress out of most of it by using a scheduler.  There are plenty to choose from.  I use Buffer (for multiple platforms), but there is TweetDeck (for Twitter), HootSuite (for multiple platforms) Later (for Instagram), Planoly (for Instagram), Tailwinds (for Pinterest & Instagram) just to name a few.

You can batch the work and schedule loads of posts and tweets well ahead of time.  You do still need to visit the platforms, interact, answer comments but planning and scheduling save so much time.


Don’t give up… yet

And finally,  don’t give up (yet).  I’ve known a few people who tried a platform for a short time and then gave up.  Now, I’m not saying stay on a platform you don’t enjoy but do give yourself the time to get used to them.

When I started I avoided Twitter like the plague, I couldn’t understand the idea of this “microblogging”.  I joined in 2016 because so many people told me it was good for writers and… I hated it.

It made no sense to me and I struggled to think of anything to tweet.  Fast forward to now and it’s one of my favourite and most popular platforms.

I’ve met wonderful people and found out about some awesome upcoming WIPs that I am looking forward to buying when they are published.

So give yourself time to learn the platforms, try different things and see if you can get them working for you.

If something isn’t working change your strategy, ask for advice, read blog posts and articles to increase your knowledge, do tests of your posts to see what works and what doesn’t.

If after all that you aren’t happy with it, then leave that platform and choose another, there’s plenty to choose from. 🙂


What’s your favourite Social Media platform?

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Happy writing

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18 thoughts on “9 Important Things To Consider Regarding Social Media

  1. This post is so helpful! You’re really knowledgeable with social media, thanks for sharing! I joined Twitter after being told to, but I feel like it’s a little too opinionated for me? I’m thinking of starting a writing Instagram profile, though, because I do love to use that platform with my personal account.

    1. Thanks so much Madeline, glad you found it useful. I never feel knowledgeable enough with social media as it always seems to be changing but I do like to research a lot so I am always trying to stay ahead of the curve. 🙂

      Twitter was weird for me, I felt completely out of my depth, it was only when I was able to separate out other readers and writers that I began to enjoy it. It can be overwhelming.

      Instagram is great for writers, especially as it allows us to show another side to our creativity by being more visual. If you do create a writing Instagram account, let me know so I can follow you 🙂

      1. That’s an interesting point about Twitter! I think my feed has turned into a bit of a monster that I avoid. (I don’t think I’ve been on in like 5 days? Maybe more?) Some trimming and mindful following might be more helpful.

        Also, thanks for the follow! I followed you too. 🙂

      2. lol gone are the days I can leave my Twitter feed for longer than 2 days now. Since I started #TheMerryWriter I wake up to 100+ notifications every morning.

        I try and go on little and often just to stay afloat! 😀 But I’ve met some wonderful writers which makes it all worth while 😀

  2. This is a great post, Ari. I wasn’t a fan of social media, but had to learn fast to like it. I like the part about sharing and acknowledging other tweets, posts, etc. It’s what I dedicate a small part of my morning to: reading the tweets, FB posts, blog posts, etc., and leaving a comment. It can get time consuming now and then, reading through everything, but I find this personal touch is worth it.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Maggie. I love how you have a specific time when you do it. You’re right, it can be time consuming but you are so right, that personal touch makes all the difference.

  3. A great post, Ari! I remember when I first joined Twitter. I didn’t get it at all, so I ignored my account for what might’ve been a couple of years before going back and testing the waters. It’s now one of my favorite online platforms to connect with others.

    1. Hi Brenda, thanks so much for your comment. lol I was exactly the same. It seemed so strange to me but I am glad I stuck at it as like you, it’s one of my faves now 🙂

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