How To Keep Your Blog Flowing With New Ideas

It’s Thursday so that means time for a new Blogger Series post!

If you are new to my blog, I am currently running a series of blog posts all about blogging.  These are designed for both people who are looking to start a blog and for those who want to give their existing blog a boost.

  Today I’m discussing keeping your blog topped up with new ideas.

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Create a List

Blogging should be continuous, as consistency and regular posting are key for both being found by readers and by Google Spiders.

The best way to keep your posting frequency up is to reduce your chance of not having anything to write about.

We all get writer’s block, even when blogging.  So make life easier by creating a running list of topics.

Every time an idea creeps up, write it on the list.  Do include any details or points you want in the post because I guarantee if you just put a basic topic down, you might forget the additional points that you originally thought of.

I like to keep my topic list connected to my Content Calendar so I can slot new topics into my calendar on relevant days ready.


Be Prepared

If you have not yet started a blog, then get ahead and try to come up with a month worth of blog ideas.

When starting, you only need a frequency of once a week so that’s just 4 to 5 topics per month.

Once you have those you will find new ideas will keep coming up.


Group your ideas

The more ideas you can come up with the better.  Once you have a number of them, look to see if there are any that could be grouped together in a similar category.

Or see if any of your ideas are quite intense and could be broken down into smaller, separate posts under a similar topic.

When I came up with several ideas for blogging posts, I focused on that, came up with even more and then turned them into this Blogger Series: Tips for Starting a Blog.


Coming Up With Ideas

What’s trending?

One way to generate ideas is to keep an eye on what is trending.  Is there something in the news or on social media that is trending that you can use to spark ideas.

Look on Pinterest

There are lots of pins that list possible topics for blogs.  While you may have a niche-specific blog, some of these lists can still trigger new ideas or be worked to fit with your niche.

Imagery prompts

Consider looking through pictures online to see if the imagery can trigger an idea.  I have often done this where a photo or graphic has given me an idea that then developed into a series.

Consider the reasons

Blog posts can inspire, educate or entertain.  Use these three when looking for ideas.  You may be able to come up with a topic that can be written to cover all these three in separate posts.

Fix a problem

Has someone asked a question that you can answer?  Would it be possible to write a post about it?

I decided to include how to back up a blog after realising so many people didn’t even know it was something they could do.

Ask for suggestions

Reach out to your readers, ask them to share their ideas on topics they may want to see.  I’ve received some great ideas through my Submit a Tutorial idea form.

Do you keep a list of topic ideas for your blog? Where do you find your ideas?

Share your Thoughts image.

Happy writing

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15 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Blog Flowing With New Ideas

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  2. I have a file that I open every morning just in case an idea comes around. I’ve learned the hard way to not trust my memory.

    In fact this particular post gave me an idea to expand on a future blog post of my own.

    I am a month ahead on my blog writing and months ahead on my blog ideas. That system came from experience and mistakes. I post on Wednesdays and Fridays and at the beginning there were times where I’d be in a panic on Tuesday and Thursday nights trying to put it together.

    The key for me is to have things I enjoy talking about and expanding on those thoughts. As long as its fun and fascinating ideas will spring up like weeds. Pluck ’em and save ’em.

    As always…….Excellent, Ari.

    1. Thanks for reading. Oh I know, I refuse to trust my memory, it is so slippery with important info.

      yay glad this post has inspired you. Can’t wait to read your post.

      That is a great way to do it! Wow I wish I was a month ahead on my writing, I manage about a week ahead (though for some of my long Friday posts they can take a few days to complete!)

      lol “pluck em and save em” what an awesome way of describing it.

      Thanks Bryan (PS I haven’t forgotten the guest post for you, I’m just swamped right now and need to sort a topic).

    1. Thanks Akshaya, I do have a series coming on social media that will be replacing the thurs blogger series now its almost ended. I’ll move the pinterest post to the top of the series. Should be appearing in a few weeks 😊

  3. As usual you come up with great tips. Could you write about Pinterest. I am so confused about it… Again just a thought. Please forgive me if I overstepped

    1. Hi Shalini, thanks so much for your kind words. I have it scheduled to do a series on social media including Pinterest, they are going to replace my blogger series now it’s coming to an end.

      And never worry, no overstepping, I want to hear from people as to what they want to see on the blog 😊

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