How To Improve Your Blog Using Stats

Happy Thursday guys!  Time for another Blogger Series post.  If you are new to my blog, I am currently running a series of posts specifically about creating and maintaining a blog. 

Blogging is a great way to connect with people, build a fan base and keep your website full of updated content which makes it Google-Friendly.

Today’s topic is all about using your blog stats to help make improvements to your blog.

Blogger series: How to improve your blog using stats. Analystics to help your blog


Why you should pay attention to blog stats

Stats about your blog play an important role in helping you figure out what works and what doesn’t. includes a stats section under the dashboard.  This covers details about your blog’s traffic, broken down by views, likes and comments.  These can be reviewed by days, weeks, months and years.

Image stats available

It gives insights into Posting Activity, below shows a chart revealing how frequently I have posted per month.

Image blog posting activity


Checking you are on the right path

The stats can help to track your progress.  The chart below shows the all-time views for my blog.

You can easily see when I started to take this blog more seriously and how the views increased following a rebranding and a more consistent posting schedule.

These insights let me know what I was doing was working.  I was able to analyse month by month and make changes based on this data.

I looked back on each month to see what I had done and why some months for worse than others.

Image month and year al time stats

By monitoring the amendments I had been making I was able to see the increase in views, follows and comments.

Below is the year chart that shows the increase I made following changes made in 2016.  I made further alterations to the blog in 2017 which showed a small increase.

Finally, I pushed my blog further in 2018, which can be seen in the sharp increase since we are only 7 months into 2018 and I have already almost exceeded 2017’s stats.Image of blog stats per year


Focus your attention where it’s needed

By using the stats, you can steer changes to your blog that can be most beneficial.  Within the stats are information like “Referrers,” these are links that have referred people to your blog.  From this data, you can decide if you need to change tactic.

Below shows some of my referrers.  I had considered closing my Facebook Author Page for a while, however, it is listed as one of my top referrers.

So I decided to keep it and focus more effort into increasing posts on there.  After I made changes to how I used Pinterest, this started to move up my referrers list too.

I also added my blog to a directory, Blogarama which has brought decent traffic to my site.  This has made me aware that directories can be beneficial so I’ve been searching out additional ones.

Image blog referrers

Knowing where your traffic comes from can help you to know where you need to put more attention or where you need to withdraw your focus and move it to something else.

Take the time to get to know your stats and monitor them whenever you make any changes.

For more detailed insights you can use programs such as Google Analytics, but when you’re starting out, the stats you have with your blogging platform are usually sufficient to get you on the right path.

Do you monitor your stats and use them to make changes to your blog?

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Happy writing

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10 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Blog Using Stats

  1. I started in February. I’ve learned a lot and I will always be learning something new. The one thing that I have come to realize is patience. Patience is the key. I think that’s why so many people give it up. They get frustrated if success isn’t immediate.

    I’m always on the lookout to let others know I have a blog. I had no idea Blogarama existed until now. Pinterest is another one I just started.

    So many things and in time I’ll get better. Patience and learning. They’re an excellent team.

    Thanks, Ari.

    1. You are so right, patience is so important in…well everything! But blogging does need a huge dollop of it.

      I think many people see the success of others and (like viewing an iceberg) fail to realise all the “unseen” work that went in to that blogger doing so well.

      When they can’t get the same results fast, they bail. Which is sad.

      Blogarama is great, I get emails whenever I’m Indexed and I see from my referrers list that it does send traffic my way.

    1. Oh don’t be discouraged. It has taken me a lot yo get my stats like this. I have had to be very rigorous in uploading regularly n consistently, sharing on my social media consistently, drawing new people in with the use if guest posts etc

      Even then it was 2 years of doing that before I saw really positive results.

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